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Effortlessly share your videos online - no ads and no watermark

Sharing your videos online can be a great way to connect with your audience and showcase your expertise. Weet's online video sharing feature can help you create and share engaging videos in minutes, without any hassle. Weet is also flexible and convenient, as you can share your videos from any device or browser, or the app!

Sharing your videos with Weet will allow you to communicate more effectively and personally with your viewers, as you can add your voice, face, and screen to your videos. You can also interact with your audience by enabling comments, reactions, and feedback on your videos. This can make your videos more interactive and collaborative, and foster a sense of community among your viewers.

When you share your videos with Weet, you can also customize them to suit your needs and preferences. You can trim your videos, add virtual backgrounds, annotations, filters, and more to make them more appealing and professional.

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How to share videos with Weet

Record or Upload your video

First, create your weet by recording a new video or uploading video files. Then, select "Preview" when you are ready to trim. Remember that you can always go back and edit your weet - even after you've saved and shared it!

Edit video

From the Advanced Editing menu, select the option to trim your video, add chapters, generate subtitles, and more! When you are all done making additional edits your video, click "Save Changes."

Share your video

On the final Weet editing screen you'll have the option to share your video. Share via email addresses, names of Weet users, and Channels. Click "Share," then "Finish!" You can also choose to download the video, and share or embed the downloaded video.

Share a Video tutorial

Increase Training Video Accessibility & Availability

One of the main benefits of sharing a video is that it can increase the accessibility and availability of your training content by allowing learners to access it anytime and anywhere, regardless of geographical or temporal constraints. This means that learners can learn at their own pace and convenience, without having to travel or attend scheduled classes. Sharing videos also enables you to reach a wider and more diverse audience, as you can offer your training content to learners from different locations, backgrounds, and levels of expertise.

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Save Money and Resources

Sharing training videos can be a cost-effective and resource-efficient alternative to traditional instructor-based training. By creating or recording the videos once and sharing them with your employees online, you can eliminate the need for instructors, travel, and venue. You can also reuse and update the videos as needed, without having to create or record them again. This way, you can save money and resources that can be used for other purposes.

Sharing training videos can also reduce the environmental impact of training, as it reduces the carbon footprint of travel and paper consumption.

Increase Flexibility & Resources

By sharing your training content in the form of videos, you can allow your employees to access it anytime and anywhere, regardless of geographical or temporal constraints. They can also learn at their own pace and convenience, without having to attend scheduled classes. This way, you can accommodate the different learning styles, preferences, and needs of your employees.

Sharing training videos can also reduce the stress and pressure of learning, as your employees can pause, rewind, or replay the videos as many times as they need.


What they say about Weet:

One of the best features of Weet is the ability to share videos online. You can either send your video directly to your recipients via email or link, or use the share feature that automatically generates a web page for your video. The share feature is easy to use and allows you to reach a wider audience. It also enhances the interactivity and feedback of your video tutorials. I highly recommend Weet for anyone who wants to create engaging and informative video tutorials.

Maryah - Training Director

More than just sharing videos

Weet is so much more than a tool for sharing videos - it's a platform that enables you to create and edit captivating videos in a matter of minutes. You can capture your screen, webcam, or both, and adjust or duplicate your videos. You can also eliminate annoying background sounds and add interactive annotations to your videos. Weet simplifies video creation and makes it enjoyable!

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