Microsoft Teams Integration

Instantly record collaborative video tutorials with Weet. We leverage the latest technology and AI-powered features to integrate with Microsoft Teams. With screen capture, automatic captioning, video upload, AI noise cancellation, and more you can easily create how-to videos!

How to connect Microsoft Teams to Weet

Create and share your Weet videos straight from Microsoft Teams 🎦

Here’s how to connect the integration:

Go to “Apps” and select Weet from the app directory. “Signin” to your Weet account and authorize the app in your Teams Space or Chat.

Then, type the “Create” command to create a Weet.

How to send Weet videos in Microsoft Teams

We made it simple to create and send Weets on Microsoft Teams 📤

The easiest way is to add the Weet app and use the “Create” command in a chat or Teams space. Then enter your Weet title and and record just like this:

Need an Enterprise Solution?

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