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Enhance Your Online Courses with Interactivity

Creating online courses with Weet allows you to transform traditional learning materials into engaging, interactive experiences. Unlike standard video lessons, Weet’s interactive courses encourage active participation, greatly enhancing both comprehension and retention. Integrate features such as clickable hotspots, interactive quizzes, and branching scenarios to allow learners to engage directly with the content. This personalization gives students control over their learning paths, catering to individual needs and preferences.

The interactivity in Weet courses not only maintains learner engagement but also makes the educational process more dynamic and immersive. Students are encouraged to make decisions, tackle problems, and receive instant feedback, which reinforces learning and heightens motivation. Additionally, our platform supports diverse learning styles, appealing to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners alike.

Here are several ways you can make your Weet courses interactive:

Spotlight Features: Draw attention to key information and guide your learners through the course content.

Text and Images: Enhance videos with supplementary texts and images to underline important concepts.

Clickable Buttons: Incorporate questions or decision points where learners can choose their path, influencing the course flow and outcome.

Overall, using Weet to create interactive online courses not only empowers learners but also leads to better knowledge retention and a deeper understanding of the subject matter.


How to create an online course on Weet:

Set Up Your Course Framework

Begin by outlining your course structure on Weet. Define the main topics and lessons you want to cover. Use the drag-and-drop interface to organize your content into a coherent flow, setting the foundation for your interactive course.

Create and Customize Your Content

Record a new video, screencast your existing slides, or upload a pre-made video to begin building your course content on Weet. Enhance these videos by adding interactive elements such as spotlights, cards, images, and links to external resources.

Review and Publish

Once you have added all your content and interactive elements, preview your course to ensure everything functions as intended. Make any necessary adjustments, then publish your course on Weet. Share your course link with learners, and track engagement and progress through the analytics.

How to Create an interactive online course

Reach a Wider Audience

Our platform is designed to be fully responsive, ensuring that your online courses can be accessed on any device, whether it's a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. This universal accessibility eliminates technological barriers, enabling learners from different geographical locations and various tech backgrounds to access your courses easily. By broadening the reach, you tap into a global audience, increasing the potential impact of your educational content and expanding your educational or business opportunities.

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Increased Engagement

Weet’s platform supports the creation of interactive and visually appealing content that captivates learners' attention and keeps them engaged throughout the learning process. By integrating interactive videos, clickable elements, and multimedia presentations, learners are not just passive recipients of information but active participants. This engagement is crucial as it not only makes learning enjoyable but also significantly enhances memory retention and understanding, ensuring that the educational content is truly absorbed and appreciated.

Modern online course

Adopting microlearning techniques, Weet breaks down complex concepts into smaller, manageable segments that are easier for learners to digest and retain. This method caters to the modern learner's shorter attention spans by providing concise yet powerful content that can be consumed quickly. Furthermore, presenting information in bite-sized pieces allows for flexible learning, where learners can progress at their own pace and revisit specific segments as needed. This efficiency not only accelerates the learning process but also increases the overall effectiveness of educational outcomes.

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What they say about Weet:

“Using Weet to build our online courses has transformed how we deliver training across our organization. What stands out for us is the comprehensive set of tools available in one place—everything from recording and screencasting to editing and publishing is seamlessly integrated. The ability to add cards that provide additional information has enriched our courses, allowing us to offer deeper insights without cluttering the main content. This feature has significantly enhanced the learner's experience by providing contextual information right when it's needed. Weet’s platform not only aligns with our brand aesthetics but also empowers us to create highly interactive and professional-looking courses effortlessly.”

Samantha R. - Coach & Freelance

More than just creating online course

You can do a lot more than just creating online course with Weet. Weet is an interactive video platform that allow you record and edit interactive video in minutes: from video tutorials, demo to client communication or product updates the use cases are endless!

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