Add chapters to video

Improve user experience and retention by adding chapters to videos.


Add chapters to your videos to make them navigable and coherent

Chapters can improve user experience, increase visibility, enhance retention, facilitate feedback, and stimulate creativity of both video creators and viewers. Chapters can help viewers find the information they need faster, skip the parts they don’t want to watch, preview the content of each section, and follow the flow of the presentation better.

Chapters can also help video creators rank higher in search results, attract more viewers, get featured in Google’s snippets, get more comments, track performance, and experiment with different formats and styles. Chapters can make videos more engaging, informative, memorable, and enjoyable for everyone.

Weet is the best tool to add chapters to videos because it offers an all-in-one platform where you can record, edit, track, add subtitles, add chapters, translate, and add interactivity to videos. Weet is fast and easy to use, and it does not require any technical skills or video expertise.

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How to add chapters to a video:

Record your weet

Record your weet -and upload video files- then select "Preview" when you are ready to add chapters. Remember that you can always to back and edit your weet - even after you've saved and shared it!

Add chapters

From the Advanced Editing menu, select "Add chapters." Using the purple timer slider, select where you want to add chapters and add as many as you'd like. Click "Save Changes" when you're all done!

Save and share

On the final Weet editing screen you'll have the option to share your video before saving it. In the text box to the right you can enter email addresses, names of Weet users, and Channels. Then click "Finish!"

Add Chapters to Video tutorial

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Make info easier to find and navigate

By making information in videos easier to find, navigable chapters improve viewer experience. Viewers can use chapters to jump to the sections of the video that interest them, or go back to review something they missed. This way, they can save time and avoid frustration. Chapters also provide a clear overview of the video content and structure, which can help viewers understand the main points and objectives of the training.

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Make your video more engaging

Adding chapters to videos improves the viewer experience by making it easier for viewers to navigate to and watch the content they are interested in. This allows them to skip over parts of the video that may not be relevant to them, and quickly find the sections that are. As a result, viewers are more likely to remain engaged with the video, as they can easily access the content that is most interesting to them. This can lead to increased viewer satisfaction and retention.

Improve information retention

Named chapters can help viewers retain the information they learn from your video better. By dividing your video into smaller and more manageable chunks, you can help viewers focus on one topic at a time and avoid cognitive overload. You can also use chapters to create a clear structure and flow for your video, which can help viewers follow your logic and arguments better. Additionally, you can use chapters to reinforce key points or summarize main takeaways at the end of each chapter.



What they say about Weet:

I find Weet to be an extremely useful and powerful tool for creating and sharing videos with chapters. Chapters have a name and a timestamp to allow viewers to easily navigate through the video and find the information they need. With Weet, I can add chapters to my videos in a simple and intuitive way. I can also preview and edit my chapters before publishing my video. Weet helps me create high-quality and professional videos that showcase my skills and knowledge as a PM.

Sophia - Product Manager

More than just adding chapters to video

Weet is more than just a tool for adding chapters to a video. It is an interactive video platform that lets you create and edit engaging videos in minutes. You can record your screen, webcam, or both, and trim or duplicate your videos. You can also remove distracting background noise and add interactive annotations to your videos. Weet makes video creation easy and fun!

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