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It's easy to use, fast to record and free

1- Record a video in seconds

Capture your screen instantly, record your face, upload existing videos. No software needed, everything right in your browser!

2- Download, Share or embed it anywhere

Share your video in a private & secure workspace with your clients or teammates, download it or embed it anywhere.

3- Track & Interact

Know who watches your video and start an asynchronous discussion by inviting your audience to interact at any point of the video.


Why our clients love Weet?

It's instant, interactive and AI-powered!

AI-Automatic Trim

Silence & filler word (like ums, uhs...) are automatically removed.

Background remover

Custom branding & recording with a personalized virtual background.

AI-Noise suppression

Background noise is automatically removed from any video, with a single click.

AI-Face framing

Our AI-based camera framing finds your face even as you move.

Make all your videos searchable in one place.

Real-time collaboration allows you to record and edit easily your videos with your team.

Built-in comments and interactions visible at any point of your video.

Designated workspaces and channels to help you stay organized and make your videos easy to search.

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How our customers use Weet

Send documents & procedures walkthrough

Create demos & tutorials

Share best practices & how-to

Create videos training & e-learnings

Demo product and new software updates

Bring life to your video

Interact at any point of your video with rich comments !


Fully integrated in Slack & Microsoft Teams

Improve your team experience by using Weet to create and share videos directly from Slack and Microsoft Teams.

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You're in good company

Weet is trusted by industry experts

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I love that Weet makes it so easy to create, upload and edit videos at the click of a button and then share the videos asynchronously with anyone. There are some super solid features that make Weet unique and a solid tool choice for remote teams. The ability to update videos, comments at specific points, and make continuous updates to videos is a life-saver too! Looking forward to the continued addition of new features & updates on the roadmap.

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Kyler Olson - Founder-KMO Media

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