Take back your time with an AI-powered video editing experience and boost your productivity!

Translate your video

Weet's translation feature allows users to automatically create and translate subtitles in over 30 languages!

Use Weet transcription to:

Generate automatically subtitles to videos

Translate in one click in more than 30 languages

Manually modify subtitles

Manually add subtitles (with SRT files)

Download SRT files of created subtitles and translations

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Add interaction to your video

Make your training video more engaging. Add interactive annotations and chapters in one click!

Add interactive annotation (buttons, link, text, image, spotlight...)

Make your annotations clickable

Structure your video with chapters

Adjust your content

Magic Trim & Filler word removal

AI-powered, it trims automatically unnecessary parts of your video. It removes 'ums and uhs' from your videos in one click.

Manually Trim Imperfect Moments

Cut multiple sections at once. Use the zoom 🔍 feature to be accurate (100ms!! ) and remove anything you don’t love - like colleague interruptions, loading screens, or notifications.

AI background noise cancellation

Remove the noise from your video in one click. Upload or record your video, click on noise cancellation, that's it, your audio is now clean!

Easy to use
Time saver
Clear audio
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Add chapters.png

Add chapter points to your timeline

Break up info within sections into chapters - that you can name - to help your audience understand and quickly find the info they need!

Edit your video

Rearrange parts of your video by clicking on them to drag-and-drop. Add existing videos or record video at any point of your weet, preview and delete any sections as well.

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Generate automatically Subtitles

Use Weet's voice to text feature to provide closed captions & live transcription.

You're in great company

5 / 5

The ability to create multiple sections in a video and rearrange them is so important. Also, the option to comment using different modes (video, screen share, audio, text...) is incredibly helpful.

Video trimming helps remove the garbage and make a crisp video. Magic trim makes life easier by automating the trimming process.

Quick auto-generation of the transcript has 95% accuracy and is like a cherry on the cake.

(Review collected by and hosted on G2.com)

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