Add buttons to video

Add interactive buttons anywhere to your videos


Boost interactivity with buttons and links you can place anywhere to your video

Adding interactive links and buttons to any part of a video can have many advantages for learners and creators.

Interactive buttons can increase engagement and retention. They can make your videos more dynamic and interactive, as well as enhance the learning outcomes and satisfaction of the viewers. For example, an interactive button that allows the viewer to read further related materials can create a sense of agency and curiosity, while an interactive link that provides feedback or additional information can reinforce learning and retention.

Buttons can also make videos more accessible and inclusive for people who may have different preferences or needs. Providing interactive buttons enable all viewers to customize and control their viewing experience.

Make videos more engaging and interactive by adding interactive links. Viewers can interact with the video content and influence the outcome.

As for SEO, interactive links can also make the video more visible and reachable for potential viewers. By adding interactive buttons and describing them in your metadata, you can help the video to be found and ranked on various platforms and search engines.

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How to add buttons to a video

Select the right links

First, make sure to select links and resources that will supplement the learning experience and increase comprehension. Choose links that highlight processes, equipment, details, materials lists, and more - the sky is the limit!

Add interactive buttons

Add Interaction cards at any point(s) of your video and place them anywhere on the screen. Interactions can include a customizable link button, as well as an image and text in the title and description.

Adjust button settings

Creators have the option to make the button link visible at all times, or visible only to viewers who click to open it. Move your button anywhere on your video, and place as many buttons in your videos as you'd like.

Adding Bttons to Video tutorial

Enhance learning

Buttons can enhance the user experience and navigation, by giving the viewers more control and choice over what they want to see or do next. For example, you can add an end screen or an overlay that links to other related videos, playlists, channels, or learning paths that the viewers might be interested in.

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Improve clarity

Adding links can increase engagement and interactivity with the viewers by allowing them to access additional information, resources, or feedback that are relevant to the video content. For example, you can add a card or a hotspot that links to a quiz, a survey, a blog post, or a website that complements the video lesson

Empower employees

Buttons can improve training ROI and empower employees by encouraging the viewers to take action or follow up on the video’s goal or message. For example, you can add a survey form or a button that links to a landing page, supplemental training materials, or a sign-up form that aligns with the video’s purpose.



What they say about Weet:

One of the best features of Weet is the ability to add button links to your videos, which can direct your viewers to any website or resource you want. I can create customized training videos that showcase the benefits of our services by adding button links to my videos that invite the viewers to take action - such as signing up for a free trial, downloading a brochure, or contacting us. I have been using Weet for a few months now, and I am very impressed by how easy and fast it is to create high-quality, interactive training videos!

Andrayah - Marketing Coordinator

More than just adding buttons to video

Weet can do so much more than just add buttons to video. Weet is an interactive video platform that allows you create and edit videos in minutes, with features including screen and webcam recording, video trimming, video duplicator, background noise cancellation, interactive annotations, and more!

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