Remove background noise from video

Remove background noise from your video with the Weet AI automatic noise remover.

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Remove Automatically Background Noise from Video with AI

Weet’s artificial intelligence software automatically detects noise from your audio and removes it instantly, leaving you with a crisp sound quality, which is especially valuable in an industrial environment.

It’s perfect for cleaning up recordings done in your office or industrial settings where you can’t always control every sound that can be picked up by your microphone.

Weet can remove noises such as wind, rain, traffic sounds, ticking clocks, static, and humming sounds from air conditioning and more, ensuring optimal audio clarity even amidst the challenges of an industrial backdrop.

Our background noise remover can clean your audio and video recordings on Weet or your video's original audio, making it an essential tool for professionals operating in noisy industrial environments. It's super easy:
  1. Before starting your recording, click on the setting menu and activate "noise cancelling"
  2. If you have an existing video file, click on upload, then choose between : low, medium or extreme depending on the intensity of the noise.

That's it, Weet's AI will do the rest

And since it's a complete professional video editing software, you can also use Weet to edit, add text and image, trim your video. Add subtitles and use our translation tool to generate automatically subtitles in more than 30+ languages. And if you’re recording videos from your industrial facility and need to remove the visual clutter in your background, you can also use our video background remover!

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How to remove background noise from a Video :

Record a Video

To record a weet video with noise cancellation, click "Create a Weet" then select the Settings menu in the bottom left corner that looks like a gear. On the bottom of the settings menu you can turn Noise Cancellation Off, Soft, or Medium.

Upload Video Files

To cancel distracting background noise from an existing video file, click on "Create a Weet." Next, select "Upload." Activate noise cancelling button and Validate. That's it, your video is ready to process.

Edit your video and Share

Next, use Weet's video tools to edit, trim, add interactions on your video, and more! You can automatically and instantly translate subtitles to over 30 languages. Download your completed video in seconds!

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Enhanced Audio Clarity

In an industrial environment, video recordings often capture a wide range of ambient sounds such as machinery noise, equipment operation, and background chatter. These unwanted noises can seriously hinder the audio clarity and overall professionalism of your videos. By leveraging Weet's advanced video background noise removal technology, you can effortlessly eliminate these distractions, resulting in a remarkable improvement in audio quality. With clear and crisp audio, your industrial videos will not only sound more professional but also convey information more effectively, ensuring that your message is received without any disruptions or misunderstandings.

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Increased Engagement

Whether you are creating instructional videos, safety training modules, or promotional materials, the presence of background noise may lead to reduced viewer engagement and attention. By utilizing Weet's video background noise removal, you can create a captivating and immersive viewing experience for your audience. Removing extraneous noises allows your viewers to concentrate on the essential aspects of your video, improving their comprehension and retention of critical information. Consequently, the increased focus leads to a more engaged audience, who are more likely to absorb and apply the knowledge shared in the video.

Effective Communication

Clear communication is paramount for ensuring safe and efficient operations in industrial environments. Training videos and instructional materials must convey instructions and safety guidelines without any ambiguity. Background noise in such videos can hinder communication, leading to potential risks and misunderstandings. By employing Wee's video background noise removal feature, you can ensure that your audio is pristine and free from distracting noises, enabling seamless and accurate communication of important instructions, procedures, and safety protocols. As a result, your industrial workforce can better comprehend and adhere to the guidelines, ultimately promoting a safer working environment and reducing the likelihood of accidents or errors.



What they say about Weet:

“Weet's background noise removal is an absolute game-changer for my industrial training videos! With advanced AI technology, it effortlessly clears distracting ambient sounds, resulting in crystal-clear audio quality. As a trainer in an industrial environment, clear communication is paramount, and Weet has become an indispensable tool in my arsenal. It has elevated the quality of my training videos.As a trainer, the ease of use is a huge plus; I can create professional-quality videos without any video editing expertise. Weet has transformed the way I deliver training, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to all industrial trainers looking to enhance their content!.”

Bob - Mechanical Trainer

More than just a video background noise remover!

You can do a lot more than just removing background noiser from a video with Weet. Weet is an interactive video platform that allow you record and edit interactive video in minutes: screen recording, webcam recording, video trimming, video joiner, audio noise cancellation, adding interactive annotations ect…

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