A Look into the Future of Remote Work

Published by Najette on
Future of remote work will be advanced with tools like Weet
The future of remote work brings the proliferation of remote work policies brought about by the pandemic, several organizations are already adopting the work from home trend into their corporate culture. Now more than ever, there’s a booming demand for remote work tools, and businesses worldwide ... Read More

Put an End to Synchronous Meetings

Published by Elle Werle on
Synchronous meeting must stop if it is interrupting productivity
Organizations, large and small, are all coming out to expose the synchronous meeting madness that’s hurting the team’s productivity and eating into the employees’ work and personal time. Thought leaders believe this is a common problem in the modern workplace and are proposing some actionable ste... Read More

Helpful Guide to Remote Work Success

Published by Elle Werle on
Keys to success working remotely for distributed teams
The keys to success working remotely are important if businesses and organizations around the globe want to run aligned teams. If your company just made the transition from the traditional office to remote work, we understand the imminent challenges that can come along the way.... Read More

Async Collaboration Guide for Freelancers

Published by Najette Fellache on
Asynchronous collaboration is one of the best ways to communicate with your team remotely. Ever more if you are all working across timezones.
Asynchronous collaboration in freelancing is rapidly gaining momentum in several parts of the world. Recent research studies point to the rapid adoption of flexible working schedules and freelance-like work arrangements. ... Read More