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Automatically remove background noise from your video with Weet's AI noise remover

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Leverage AI to Automatically Remove Background Noise from Video

With Weet's artificial intelligence software, you can easily eliminate any noise from your audio and get a clear sound quality, which is very important in an industrial setting.

Whether you are recording in your office or in a noisy industrial site, Weet can filter out unwanted sounds such as wind, rain, traffic, clocks, static, and air conditioning hums, and give you the best audio clarity possible even in challenging industrial scenarios.

Weet's noise removal tool works for both your Weet video recordings, or on downloaded video files, making it a must-have tool for professionals working in loud industrial environments. It's very simple:

  1. Before you start your recording, click on the setting menu and turn on "noise cancelling"
  2. If you have an existing video file, click on upload, then choose between : low, medium or extreme depending on how noisy it is.

That's all, Weet's AI will take care of the rest!

And since it's a full-featured professional video editing software, you can also use Weet to edit, add text and image, trim your video. Add subtitles and use our translation tool to automatically generate subtitles in more than 30+ languages. If you’re recording videos from your industrial facility and want to remove the loud distractions in your background, you can also use our video background remover!

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How to remove background noise from a video :

Record a Weet Video

To record a weet video with noise cancellation, click "Create a Weet" then select the Settings menu in the bottom left corner that looks like a gear. On the bottom of the settings menu you can turn Noise Cancellation Off, Soft, or Medium.

Upload Video Files

To cancel distracting background noise from an existing video file, click on "Create a Weet." Next, select "Upload." Choose from low, medium, or extreme noise removal, depending on the intensity of the video's background noise.

Edit and Share Your Video

Next, use Weet's video tools to edit, trim, add interactions on your video, and more! You can automatically and instantly translate subtitles to over 30 languages. Download your completed video in seconds!

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Professional, Clear Audio

When recording videos in an industrial setting, you may also capture various sounds that are not related to your main topic, such as noise from machines, devices, or people. These sounds can make your audio less clear and less professional. You can use Weet's AI-powered video background noise removal technology to easily get rid of these unwanted noises and enhance your audio quality. Your industrial videos will sound more professional and communicate more effectively with clear and sharp audio, making sure that your audience can hear your message without any interference or confusion.

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Reduce Errors and Increase Retention

Noise is a common problem in industrial environments, and it can affect the quality and effectiveness of your videos. Whether you are making videos for education, training, or marketing purposes, background noise can distract your viewers and reduce their interest and attention. You can use Weet’s video background noise removal to create a more engaging and immersive viewing experience for your audience. Eliminating unnecessary noises helps your viewers focus on the important parts of your video, enhancing their understanding and memory of vital information. As a result, the improved attention leads to a more interested audience, who are more likely to learn and apply the knowledge presented in the video.

Create a Safe and Compliant Workplace

Clear communication is essential in industrial settings, as it affects the safety and efficiency of the operations. Videos and materials for training and instruction must deliver clear and unambiguous instructions and safety rules. Background noise in such videos can impair communication, causing potential hazards and confusion. By using Weet’s video background noise removal feature, you can make sure that your audio is clean and free from unwanted noises, facilitating smooth and precise communication of important instructions, procedures, and safety protocols. As a result, your industrial staff can better understand and follow the guidelines, ultimately creating a safer working environment and lowering the chances of accidents or mistakes.



What they say about Weet:

"Weet is an amazing software that allows you to create stunning videos with crystal clear audio. Whether you are recording in a noisy environment or just want to enhance your sound quality, Weet’s video background noise removal feature will do the job for you. You can easily remove any unwanted noises from your videos, such as traffic, wind, or chatter, and make your voice stand out. Your videos will sound more professional and engaging, and your audience will appreciate the clarity and crispness of your audio. Weet is the best software for video creation and editing, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to impress their viewers with flawless audio."

Maria - Chief Technical Officer

More than just a video background remover!

You can do a lot more than just removing unwanted background noise from videos with Weet. Weet is an interactive video platform that allows you to record and edit video in minutes. Features include screen recording, webcam recording, video trimming, video duplication, noise cancellation, adding interactive annotations, and so much more!

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