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Weet is a powerful tool that enables you to instantly record AI-powered video tutorials. Weet offers several impressive AI powered features including AI noise cancellation too. Weet's AI noise cancellation can be used to remove background noise from any video.

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How to enable AI noise cancellation in a Weet

If you are in a noisy recording environment like a coffee shop, or home office with noisy pets or children for example, be sure to activate noise cancellation before you record your video tutorial or message. Here is how:

Step 1: Get started simply by clicking on “Create Weet” after you log in.

Step 2: Then select the gear icon located on the bottom left corner of your recording screen to access your settings.

Step 3: Toggle on “Activate noise cancellation” and that’s it! All you have to do is start recording your weet and our AI technology will automatically block out the background noise for you.

Record a video without background noise


Activating noise cancellation

Remote work enables us to change our environment as we wish. However noise can pose a distraction for live meetings just as much as recorded video. If you want the background noise in your Weet to be removed, now you can do just that! Simply click on "Create Weet," then click on settings to toggle on "Activate noise cancellation" and that’s it!

When to activate noise cancellation in Weet

We recommend that you only activate Weet’s noise cancellation feature when there is extra noise in your work environment. The feature is very helpful in eliminating any extra noise if you're out in public, in an open co-working space, a cafe or any environment that doesn’t allow you to record a clear Weet video the first time.


How Weet's AI noise cancellation works

Several Weet video creation features are powered by AI technology and noise cancellation is one of them. For automatic noise recognition and cancellation when you need to get your Weet recorded quickly, and clearly. Create quality collaborative videos using Weet for everything from video tutorials, product demos to video training.

Record a video tutorial without background noise

Weet does more than record video tutorials without background noise

Weet’s collaborative interface offers rich commenting options and powerful AI features for your co-authors like Magic Trim and Face Framing. Whether you’re sharing a quick video tutorial with a client, partner or team member, Weet empowers you to have asynchronous conversations across time zones, teams, with clients or partners. All of your co-collaborators can reply in the Weet using their webcam, screencast, audio, text or emojis. Share your Weets to social media, embed them on a webpage, publicize or privatize your content in just one click. Need to make new updates after sharing your Weet? No problem! You can edit your Weet without having to create a new one. Keeping your content fresh and relevant for your audience.

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