How to Use Video for Sales Part 2: How to Close a Deal Tips

How to close a sales deal tips from your team at Weet

In Part 1 of the “How to Use Video for Sales” series we discussed why video is important for sales and what to look for in sales communication tools. The article advised steps to take to leverage video at the beginning of the sales funnel.

Taking the concept of video for sales a step further, we will learn how to close a sales deal tips with video for the end of the funnel. This will require a totally different approach than the beginning of the funnel. Rather than trying to cast a wide net, you will want to hone in to your final prospects individually. 

Sales video for the end of the sales funnel is much more personal and collaborative. You may have to explain complex components of your offerings, or offer an FAQ. Whatever your needs, video is absolutely crucial in closing a sale – both remotely and traditionally. 

Make it Personable

To make a sale you want to make your content personable and personal. Your audience is much more likely to respond to your message in a positive way if they feel they know and trust you. Think about how you feel when you see an advertisement or know you are being sold to. 

Building trust like that is especially true for video. Luckily it’s extremely easy to create a personal connection with video format, thanks to the combination of video and audio.

Any “how to close a sales deal” tips will mention how important it is to build a relationship with your prospects and clients. You can record introductions for specific prospects or groups, and share the same demo with everyone. This creates a win-win for everyone involved, because you all get the personalized touch for your client without having to create fresh content for every prospect. 

Use a video recording tool that allows you to record your face along with whatever you are presenting. A helpful video cam and screen share combination tool works miracles in this case!

Share Testimonial Videos

You have hoards of happy customers. Put their avid love for your product or service to great use in the form of short video testimonials!

Ask the customer to take just a few minutes of their time to share how their lives have been genuinely improved after purchasing what you have to offer. The video can be as short as :30 and be extremely effective! In fact, any longer than that and you may risk losing the viewers’ attention. 

Surely, your happy customers will be willing to spend a few seconds to tell others about your product or service. To get their feedback, kindly ask via (video gives you that personal touch!) Be sure to make it easy for them to provide you with the feedback you need. Provide a direct link for testimonials.

Stay Product-Focused

In addition to showing your face in the sales video, you’ll want to share your screen. This allows you to primarily focus on the product or service being presented. Scroll through your website or share a video as part of your presentation. Let the customer get a multidimensional view of what you are pitching. 

The most important aspect here is to demonstrate the product. Show your clients and prospects how it works, what it does, what to expect. That’s the beauty of video! No “how to close a sales deal tips” list would be complete without a reminder that the product is what’s most important!

Eliminate Confusion

It can be difficult to explain complex ideas and processes via text, like email. Taking this route often leaves a lot of room for confusion and questions, which only takes more time to communicate.

With the webcam and screen share combo you are sure to create a concise message for your target audience. Your demonstration will be thorough and immersive, with no stone left unturned. Your prospects will not only connect with you, but also see the product or service in action for themselves.

Make sure your viewers are left knowing exactly what you offer and how it works – all with the added trust built with video!

Choose Distribution Channels That Fit Your Needs

There are countless avenues to share your information – YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, direct email, text, the list goes on. Make sure to identify what channels your target audience can best be reached. 

Use a tool that allows you to share in all of these different channels. Just because it’s not right for your marketing plan to use certain channels now does not mean you won’t want to pivot in the future. In fact, expect it! Be prepared and flexible with your sales video distribution.

Thank Your Customer

When you ultimately close that sale, send a personalized message to your client. With tools like Weet you and your recipient can even collaborate with video, audio, screen share, and text!  Your customers will be impressed with your thoughtful message, and have a place to contact you. 

You can even record an introduction “thank you” video as a template, then add a personalized message to individual clients or prospects. This will save you so much time and energy, all while providing an incalculably higher personal touch for your customer. Surely they will remember your product or service above the competition after such a unique and sincere message. 

How to Close a Sales Deal Tips Conclusion

Video is an extremely important part of the sales process – both the beginning and end of the sales funnel. From sharing testimonials to creating concise content, you will want to leverage video to close sales deals. Video creates the personal touch of an in-person meeting, without the scheduling and hassle. Close a sales deal tips aren’t complete without taking video into consideration.

Never underestimate the power of video testimonials. Think about how many times you’ve seen these on television yourself? There is a reason for it! 

Create, edit, share, and collaborate in one place. Use Weet video messaging today for your sales video content! 

Thank your customers and show them you care with customized, thoughtful messages made just for them. 

Video can be leveraged in countless ways at the end of the sales funnel. There are many close a sales deal tips to consider. Leave your mark and get started today with Weet!

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