Creating Winning Sales-Outreach with Videos

Use video recordings to create effective sales outreach that wins!

By now, the popularity of using videos in your sales and marketing strategies is already imprinted in your mind. I mean, video recordings alone are the highest form of consumed media globally.

Making a connection may be difficult if it’s just plain text you are using, but if you throw in a video, then you’re well on your way of getting more clients. Creating videos that are centered around sales and marketing is a  step-by-step process that needs strategic thinking if you want to ace them.

Let’s take a deep dive into these processes so you can start crafting winning sales videos.

Set a Target

What do you want to accomplish with your video? Who is the target demographic? Before embarking on your video, there are certain boxes you need to check first. They will be your guiding principles and chart the direction you should follow.

Ensure you pick clear goals for your video. Otherwise, the main video ideas will elude you and fall through with your targeted audience. So don’t lose focus because, with a video – ideas are often flowing, and unnecessary changes may be made.

Keep Your Sales Videos Short

Short videos are easily digestible. You have to understand that your audience doesn’t want to spend the whole day watching your sales video, so respect their time. Get straight to the point in your video; this way, you don’t lose your video because of their attention span, and you get to put your message across.

As a Weet user you can record sales videos of up to 2 minutes if you wish, but keep your viewers slightly entertained so that they don’t drift off.

Make It Worthwhile Watching

You may be asking yourself, “How do I make a video worthwhile?” With cool props, proper lighting, an interesting backdrop, and collaboration of course! Weet has collaboration features such as sharing feedback via text as the video is playing, and using emojis to express your feelings. These tools enable you to have a better understanding of your customers which leads to better outreach.

Personalize Your Video

To increase your video numbers, a personal touch will do the trick. Take the time to research your potential viewers and targeted market. This way, you can create content directly targeted at them. Showing empathy and kindness in your video is a brilliant selling point in your sales video. It will help you build a rapport with your audience too. Remember, don’t be too pushy in your sales video, that will turn away your intended prospect.


Sales videos can be anything you want them to be, as long as they get the work done. Don’t feel the pressure to conform to any known formats. Choose and use what works for you and your brand’s voice.

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