5 Tips to Achieve Creative Client Satisfaction with Video Updates

Achieve client satisfaction with video emails using Weet

The success of your brand is dependent on many factors, but the most important one is— you guessed it; Client Satisfaction.

With excellent client satisfaction, you have the upper hand against competitors. Forbes mentions that brands focused on client satisfaction get 4 – 8% more revenue than those that don’t. It may not be much, but with growing revenue figures, it can make a difference to your bottom line.

Client satisfaction through video or email video updates is a great way and an effective way to reach your goals. Videos are interactive, and there is no limit to what you can achieve with them.

Below are five easy ways to achieve client satisfaction with your video updates you can create with Weet.

1 - Personalize Your Videos to Make Them Memorable

Personalizing your videos will ensure you connect with client(s) on an emotional level. Make your videos memorable to help your clients feel special. An excellent way to personalize video updates is to create a coherent “we are all in this together” picture in their minds. Especially with the current health crisis. 

Clients love relatable brands, and if you can back up your sales claims by providing world-class services, or products, you are well on your way to achieve client satisfaction.

2 - Providing Tutorials

Tutorials serve as your user manual in video format. Even so, they contain lots of valuable information. They explain to your clients how to go about using your product. You can use a screen recording of steps for easy comprehension to help clients use your product.

Getting your clients through a bind with FAQ videos is one sure way to cement client satisfaction and strengthen customer-brand relationships.

3 - Use Videos to Answer FAQS

This is one of the easiest ways to achieve client satisfaction—answer all their questions, but in a clear, concise manner. If your clients need clarification on your products or services, your videos updates can be the hub where they get all their answers. 

It also a great touch and a massive improvement from the boring text-based FAQs and answers.

4 - Get Your Team Members Invested

Your team is crucial to creating content specifically designed to deliver what clients want. A team of creative and insightful “worker bees” will take the status quo of your current client satisfaction and turn it up to eleven.

Together with your “busy bees,” it is essential to note that effective video content targets a diverse set of consumers. Don’t direct your videos to just one group for an inclusive strategy.

5 - Ask Them for Feedback.

Before your clients finish watching your video, include a structural question that will help you improve your service and, consequently, increase client satisfaction. Craft questions for your viewers to answer through the comment section of Weet or deliver surveys to get instant feedback.

Don’t only get the feedback from your clients, to strengthen your client satisfaction efforts. Try to implement one, if not all, of them into your brand strategy.


Creating videos centralized on client satisfaction is now less intensive than before. Now, there are platforms like Weet, an intuitive and easy-to-use video messaging tool. Weet gives you the ability to share your videos with your clients, use various filters, and edit as much as you like. Clients can also download your videos. The best part is, adding Weet to your tool stack is as easy as installing it on your chrome browser and signing up. 

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