Work From Anywhere with Weet

Work from anywhere with Weet, the 1st async video meeting

Work From Anywhere: A Whole New World

Work from anywhere and take advantage of the online tools that allow you to do so, like Weet! The rise in remote work has also increased video meetings however.

With unnecessary work meetings costing US businesses $37B each year, it is time for change. What are organizations to do in this unprecedented time when we’re all working from home but need to connect more than ever? 

Enter Weet!

Weet is a new asynchronous screen recording platform. What that means is that you can record video, voice, screens, or collaborate with text. 

Rather than schedule another hour-long Zoom meeting (we call this synchronous communication), you can use Weet to simply record your discussion point and send it off to your colleagues (asynchronous communication) to view and collaborate. This process is six times faster than typing an email!

Weet allows you to:

  • Use your webcam to record asynchronous meetings. Users can view time-stamped comments and additional input from teammates. 
  • Save time by having all meeting notes in one place for easy viewing by team members.
  • Create highly informative meeting experiences by combining a screencast with audio narration.
  • Have a centralized Weet database that can be accessed from any device.

Work From Anywhere with Async: It’s Everywhere, Every Day

Weet was designed to blend into your daily stack of tools, both at work and at home.  

Easily replace unnecessary Google Hangouts and Zoom work meetings with a quick Weet. Rather than draft an email, send a quick Weet to answer your colleague’s question. Efficiently update your entire customer base with a quick video.

In today’s world there’s more room than ever for asynchronous communication.

Work From Anywhere Using These Weet Features

What makes Weet so synergistic and efficient? It’s the features!

Collaborative Comments

There is no communication limit in a Weet comment! Add video, audio, screencast, or text.

Desktop Notifications

You decide where and how you want to receive Weet notifications.

Weet desktop notifications

New Recording Plugin Design

The new recording screen update makes it easy to track and see how long your current section can be.


Record Preview

Now you can preview your Weet sections after recording and either keep them or re-record, before you publish your Weet.

Timeline Section Player

Get a play by play of your Weet timeline sections with the timeline section player.


Have Fun with New Virtual Backgrounds

Ever wanted to work from outer space? The beach? San Francisco? Now you can with Weet’s brand new virtual backgrounds!  When you record video you have the option to eliminate the background and replace it with a virtual option. 

So whether your home office looks more like a home than an office, or you just want to be goofy, our virtual backgrounds are here to have fun with!

Work From Anywhere With Weet: Conclusion

Take charge of the new normal and work from anywhere. With Weet we have the ability to enhance our existing communication platforms with feature-rich video messaging. Simply put, we can work smarter, not harder!

So let’s spend less time becoming more productive. Try Weet today to make your point with efficient, concise video messages that cut through the clutter.

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