Remote work tools: How to utilize them to navigate this remote work world

Remote work tools make it easier to navigate in remote work

Remote work tools are growing in numbers quickly as remote work environments are spreading globally. Most companies and organizations are moving towards the remote setup. Weet as an online platform has proven to be an effective way to collaborate globally. Online Zoom video meetings are becoming more convenient for bridging distances. Tools like Weet asynchronous meetings have even brought more virtual interaction capability. The innovation of the asynchronous meeting brought the remaining solution towards bridging time differences globally.

Weet asynchronous meetings have been widely accepted due to its ability to allow meetings without being live. There is no longer the need to limit meetings within a specific schedule. Weet asynchronous meetings eliminated the need to be able to coordinate different time zones. The weet offers so much efficiency in meetings.

By application of the asynchronous meeting, all participants meet at their time of convenience. Weet provides a more engaging method for meetings as opposed to writing blocks of text. Participants can follow through the meeting by webcam, screen, audio and text. Weet also enables users to give an instant reply as the video plays in the new comment feature. This has greatly improved meeting engagement. 

Weet asynchronous communication improved on group meetings and job updates. As opposed to video conferencing, Weet videos can be accessed in the future. Group meetings can be held even with people across different time zones. Group members can engage in a continuous conversation on a specific job assignment. This eliminates the scheduling of mandatory meetings, which may inconvenience your teammates.

Remote work: How can you use Weet to collaborate?

Remote work tools enable you to move across projects and meetings with key context.

Using Weet, a meeting host can prepare a presentation for discussion. This may include slides, a demonstration or update. By creating a presentation in the form of a screencast, the meeting can be conducted asynchronously. The host can then record a Weet video on the subject of discussion.

When hosting the meeting, participants available can reply instantly. In contrast, others that are away can respond afterward, and if a participant is from a different timezone, they can catch up on the whole discussion and provide their feedback. This type of meeting gives the host an easy time monitoring input and answering questions.

The remote collaboration tools also enable participants to reply using videos, a screencast, audio or text. This makes it easy to understand the query. It’s also possible to record screens, making it easy for customer support to solve a problem.

Remote work made easy with Weet - The async meeting that gives you back your time

Weet is known to offer remote work best practices and provide one of the best remote work tools out there. Teams can sign up using their work email or personal email. The freedom on how to sign up gives users the liberty to separate work from private meetings.

Remote meetings are more fun and conversational with instant reply. Users can at any time reply as well as react using emojis. The remote team’s communication is more productive with the screencast recorder. Using screencast, users can share videos and their screens. This feature is useful, especially for customer care support representatives. Seeing what a client sees makes it easy to solve the problem.

Remote meetings may tend to be boring if the reply is only via messages. Weet asynchronous meetings have support for recording voice and videos. This makes the session more engaging as it brings the human aspect to the conversations.

Weet also enables parties to control what they see on screen. This is by adjusting background appearance by using filters. Along with this, users can choose to either hide or show the weeter.

The switch from real-time meetings to asynchronous has saved the Speach team so much time and resources. We are sure it will have the same impact for your organization! Using Weet videos, viewers only consume data when they want to. Users can skip, pause, or even download content as they wish. The feedback method in the remote workplace is more engaging with video replies, emojis, and instant comments. Weet provides an easy way to keep a record of documentation and conversations for future reference. It’s much faster and easy to jump to a specific subject as opposed to filtering through emails.

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