Slack Integration

Record collaborative how-to videos instantly with Weet. We leverage the latest technology and AI-powered features to integrate with Slack.With screen capture, automatic captioning, video upload, AI noise cancellation, and more you can easily create video tutorials from Slack!

How to send Weet videos to your teammates on Slack

We made it simple to send Weets to a teammate (or teams) on Slack with Weet 📤

The easiest way is to click on Slack “shortcuts”, type “Create…” and select “Create a Weet”. Then enter your Weet title and share it with select users or groups, and record just like this:

How to connect your Slack app to Weet

Create and share your Weet videos straight from Slack 🎦

Here’s how to connect the integration:

Go to “Add apps” and select Weet from the app directory. Click on Login to authorize Slack to use the Weet app. Then, “Create a Weet” to create your first Weet!

Weet Authorization

After you click Login be sure to click Allow before recording your first Weet!


If you have any additional questions, visit our help center or contact us at!

Happy Weeting! 😎