Webcam recorder

Quickly and easily record your webcam online - with or without a background

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Record your webcam online - no software or CC required

Weet’s webcam recorder feature is a powerful tool that allows you to create and share engaging videos with ease, while recording your webcam and audio in high quality and low latency.

You can choose to record your webcam only, or your webcam and screen together. You can also pause and resume the recording at any time.

Edit your webcam recording in a simple and intuitive way. You can trim, crop, rearrange, or delete segments of your recording. You can also add text, images, stickers, or links to your video to make it more personal and interactive!

Share your webcam recording with anyone by copying the link or sending it via email. You can also download your video as an MP4 file or embed it on your website. You can control who can view, comment, or edit your video.

With Weet’s webcam recorder feature, you can create unlimited videos and enjoy features like automatic subtitles, emojis, analytics, and more!


How to record your webcam:

Create a weet

Click on the "Create a Weet" button on the top right corner of the screen. You will see a pop-up window that asks you to choose your microphone and camera settings. You can also enable or disable subtitles and emojis.

Record your webcam

Click on the "Start Recording" button to begin capturing your webcam. You can choose to record your webcam on its own, with a background, or with a screen share (one tab, one window, or the entire screen). You can also pause and resume the recording at any time.

Edit and Share

Click on the "Stop Recording" button to end your webcam recording. You will be redirected to a page where you can edit your video. You can trim, crop, rearrange, or delete segments of your video. You can also add text, images, stickers, or links to your video

Webcam Recorder tutorial

Add subtitles - and translate them - automatically

Adding subtitles can help you overcome language barriers, improve clarity, assist the hearing impaired, enhance retention, reduce misinterpretation, and more by providing written text along with your audio and video. Subtitles can also provide additional context and clarification for your viewers, especially if they are unfamiliar with your topic or accent. By including subtitles with your webcam recording, you can make your videos more accessible, effective, and engaging for your audience.

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Optionally record webcam with your screen

By showing your face and personality while explaining something on your screen, you can create a more personal and authentic connection with your audience. This can help you build trust and rapport with them, as well as make your videos more engaging and memorable. You can also enrich and diversify your video content by using your existing videos that you have recorded or downloaded from other sources, and combining them with your screen recordings. This way, you can showcase different aspects of your topic and provide more value to learners.

Easily edit and update webcam recordings

Edit and update your videos after you have recorded them, without having to redo the whole thing. You can make changes to your videos, such as adding or removing sections, adjusting the audio or video quality, or inserting annotations or comments. You can also keep your videos up to date with new information or feedback, without changing the original link or comments. This way, you can save time and effort, while ensuring that your videos are always relevant and accurate.

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What they say about Weet:

Weet is a fantastic tool for creating engaging and effective training videos. With Weet, you can record your webcam and your screen alone or at the same time. You can also add awesome features like filters, subtitles, translations, and interactivity to your videos, making them more fun and accessible for your audience. You can even upload your own videos and edit them with Weet's powerful tools. Weet is the best way to create training videos that capture your personality and expertise. I highly recommend Weet to anyone who wants to create amazing videos in minutes.

Kaia - Marketing Director

More than just a webcam recorder

You can do a lot more than just record your webcam with Weet. Weet is an interactive video platform that allow you record and edit interactive video in minutes: screen recording, webcam recording, video trimming, video joiner, audio noise cancellation, adding interactive annotations, etc…

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