Video filters

Automatically add filters and virtual backgrounds to your videos online


Have fun with your videos by adding a variety of filters and moving backgrounds

Adding filters or virtual backgrounds to your videos can have many benefits for both you and your audience.

Virtual backgrounds or filters can enhance your appearance and environment. They can make your videos more professional and attractive, as well as hide any distractions or clutter that may be in your real background. For example, a virtual background of a city skyline can create a sense of sophistication and confidence, while a filter can create a sense of fun and creativity.

Adding filters and backgrounds to your training videos can also make them more personalized and expressive for your audience. You can choose backgrounds or filters that suit your mood, personality, or message. You can also change them according to the context or purpose of your video.

Additionally, adding virtual backgrounds or filters to your videos can also make them more engaging and interactive for your audience. You can capture their attention and curiosity with different visuals. You can also invite them to join you in using the same or different backgrounds or filters, creating a sense of connection and participation.

As for SEO, virtual backgrounds or filters can also make your videos more visible and searchable for potential viewers, if desired. By using keywords and descriptions for your backgrounds or filters, you can help your videos to be found and ranked on various platforms and social media.

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How to add filters to a video

Get ready to record

Navigate to your weet homepage -or use the weet browser extension - to begin recording your weet. Select any of the webcam recording options so you have a video background to add a filter to!

Add a filter or background

Before recording, select the magic wand menu icon on the left side of your weet recording screen. Choose from any of the filter and virtual background options - or create your own!

Record with your filter

Select the filter or virtual background of your choice, then simply begin recording! You can record as many sections as you want with as many combinations of backgrounds, filters, presentations, and more!

Adding Filters to Video tutorial

Enhance your video

With filters and virtual backgrounds, you can enhance your look and setting by removing any unwanted or distracting elements in your real background. You can also modify the brightness, contrast, and color of your video to make it more vivid and attractive. For example, you can use a virtual background of a sunset to create a warm and romantic atmosphere, while a filter of a city can make you look more energizing and dynamic. Virtual backgrounds or filters can help you express yourself better and impress your audience with different visuals.

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Increase engagement

Filters can increase engagement and retention of your audience. By adding variety and interest to your video, you can capture the attention and curiosity of your viewers and make them want to watch more. You can also use different backgrounds or filters to highlight key points, emphasize emotions, or create humor, depending on the purpose and tone of your video. For example, you can use a virtual background of a forest for a video about nature, and show the beauty and diversity of the natural world. Virtual backgrounds or filters can help you create more memorable and enjoyable videos for your audience.

Boost credibility

Enhance your credibility and authority as a trainer. By creating a professional and consistent image, you can show your audience that you are knowledgeable and reliable. You can choose backgrounds or filters that match your topic, brand, or style, and create a visual identity for yourself. For example, you can use a virtual background of a classroom for a teaching video, or a filter of an office background for a business video. Virtual backgrounds or filters can help you establish trust and rapport with your audience.



What they say about Weet:

I love Weet. It’s a great tool for making and sharing interactive training videos with filters to make my videos more expressive, attractive, and fun. I can easily choose or customize filters online that help me to enhance my brand and environment, show different emotions and moods, and entertain and amuse my viewers. Plus, Weet is easy and fast to use. I can create high-quality videos with filters in minutes - and track who is watching and interacting with them. I highly recommend Weet to anyone who wants to make training videos with filters.

Elena - Marketing Director

More than just adding filters to video

Weet can do so much more than just add filters and virtual backgrounds to video. Weet is an interactive video platform that allows you create and edit videos in minutes, with features including screen and webcam recording, video trimming, video duplicator, background noise cancellation, interactive annotations, and more!

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