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Edit video subtitles -and their translations- even after they've been created & shared


Edit video subtitles at any time to increase viewer engagement

Editing subtitles for video is one of the featured abilities of Weet, a platform that makes video creation and sharing easy and fun. Subtitles are essential for increasing the audience and accessibility of your videos, as they allow viewers to understand the content better in different languages and settings. However, creating and editing subtitles can be a hassle with complicated software like Camtasia and Premiere Pro. That's why Weet offers you a simple and fast way to add and edit subtitles to your videos. With Weet, you can choose from three options to add subtitles to your video:

  1. Type them manually: You can enter the subtitles yourself as you watch the video.
  2. Generate them automatically: You can use our advanced speech-to-text technology to create subtitles from the audio in over 30 languages.
  3. Upload an SRT file: You can import subtitles that you already have by uploading an SRT file.

No matter which option you choose, you can easily edit the subtitles by clicking on the text and typing your changes. You can also adjust the timing and position of the subtitles as you wish. Moreover, you can also translate the subtitles automatically to more than 30 languages using our powerful translation engine.


How to edit video subtitles:

Generate subtitles

First you must create subtitles to edit. Adding subtitles in a video is super easy: Once your video in uploaded or recorded, click on the subtitle menu, then click on add an SRT file or generate subtitles automatically.

Edit subtitles text

Access the 'Subtitles' option in the sidebar menu. You'll see your existing subtitles. Just click on the text to edit it, and adjust subtitle timings by simply dragging the ends of the subtitle blocks on the timeline.

Translate subtitles

Edit any automatically translated subtitles in seconds in the same way. Choose the translation you'd like to edit from the "Subtitles" page, and make changes and save!

Online Subtitles Editor tutorial

Leverage feedback to make improvements

Editing video subtitles reduces misunderstandings by overcoming language barriers, improving clarity, assisting the hearing impaired, enhancing retention, and reducing misinterpretation. Subtitles enable viewers who don't understand the original audio to follow along by translating spoken dialogue into written text. They provide additional context and clarification, particularly in situations with background noise, strong accents, or rapid speech.

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Create the ideal training environment

Editing subtitles to perfection for video engages viewers by stimulating both the left and right brain hemispheres. The left brain processes the textual information conveyed through subtitles, enhancing reading comprehension and analytical thinking. Meanwhile, the right brain processes the visual and auditory elements of the video, fostering creativity, emotional engagement, and visual memory. This dual-brain activation promotes a more holistic cognitive experience, resulting in increased viewer engagement and a deeper connection with the content. By involving both hemispheres, subtitles create a synergistic effect that captivates viewers on multiple cognitive levels.

Ensure compliance at all times

Creating accurate subtitles for a training video is crucial for validation in a compliance environment as it provides an accurate written record of the spoken content. In compliance-related scenarios, it is essential to ensure that information, instructions, or legal requirements are accurately conveyed and understood. Updating captions allows for thorough review, analysis, and verification of the content, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. The written subtitles serve as concrete evidence, facilitating audits, investigations, and legal proceedings. Subtitles aid in validating adherence to compliance guidelines, mitigating risks, and maintaining a robust and accountable compliance environment.



What they say about Weet:

Weet is the best online video editor I have ever used! I have tried many other editors, but none of them could match Weet's simplicity and functionality. Weet allows me to easily add and edit subtitles for my videos, which is a great feature for making my content more accessible and engaging. I can choose to generate or upload subtitles, and then edit them as I like. I can also translate them to different languages with just one click. Weet has everything I need for creating amazing videos, without any hassle or frustration.

Kira - Technical Writer

More than just a subtitles editor

You can do a lot more than just editing video subtitles with Weet. Weet is an interactive video platform that allow you record and edit interactive video in minutes: screen recording, webcam recording, video trimming, video joiner, audio noise cancellation, adding interactive annotations ect…

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