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Create interactive videos by adding text, captions, and titles anywhere in your video


Add interactive text anywhere to your video to increase viewer engagement

Adding text to any part of an instructional video can have many advantages for both the creators and the viewers.

Text can help to clarify and explain the video content by offering more details, examples, or summaries that may not be included in the audio or visual components. This can make the video more understandable and informative for the viewers.

Adding text to video can also make the video more accessible and inclusive for people who may have difficulties hearing, speaking, or learning from the video. By providing captions, subtitles, or transcripts, text can enable these people to follow and comprehend the instructions more easily.

Furthermore, text can also make the video more engaging and interactive for the viewers. By allowing them to comment, question, or share their thoughts on the video, text can create a dialogue and a community around the topic.

As for SEO, text can also make the video more visible and reachable for potential viewers. By using keywords, tags, or titles, text can help the video to be found and shared on various platforms and social media. These are some of the reasons why adding text to any part of an instructional video can be very important and helpful.

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How to add text to a video:

Add an Interaction

Add an interaction card and place it anywhere on your video! Interactions can include text in the title, description, and in the link button. Include any combination of the text elements, and add as many of them as you want in your videos!

Generate subtitles

First, create a weet video by uploading video files, recording your own, or a combination of both. Once your video is ready to have subtitles added, click on the Subtitle button. If you have an SRT file to add, select "Add an SRT file," or create new subtitles by clicking "Generate subtitles automatically."

Adjust subtitles text

After clicking "Generate subtitles automatically," access the 'Subtitles' option in the sidebar menu. After you've generated subtitles, you'll find a series of text boxes containing your subtitles, next to adjust subtitle timings. Simply drag the ends of the subtitle blocks on the timeline.

Adding Text to Video tutorial

Boost SEO and visibility

Adding text to a video boosts SEO ranking and visibility because text makes your video content readable by search engines, which can index and rank it better based on keywords and relevance.
Text can improve user engagement and experience, which are important factors for SEO. Text also makes your videos more interesting, accessible, and comprehensible to viewers. Subtitles also allow video translation to multiple languages, which can increase your reach and audience across different markets.

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Reduce miscommunication

Adding text to videos reduces miscommunication by improving clarity, overcoming language barriers, assisting the hearing impaired, enhancing retention, and reducing misinterpretation. Text enables viewers who don't understand the original audio to follow along by translating spoken dialogue into written text. The text provides additional context and clarification, particularly in situations with background noise, strong accents, or rapid speech.

More visually appealing and consistent

Text can improve the aesthetics and brand recall of the video. By adding text that matches the tone and style of the video, the viewers can enjoy a more visually appealing and consistent experience. Text can also help to create a distinctive identity for the video creator or producer, by using headings, colors, and images that reflect their brand. For example, if the video is about a product review, adding text that showcases the product name, features, and benefits can enhance the viewers’ perception of the brand.



What they say about Weet:

Weet is the best tool for adding text to interactive training. It has a feature that automatically generates subtitles from the audio, and allows you to edit them manually or translate them into more than 30 languages. The subtitles are accurate and synchronized with the video, and they help the viewers to understand the content better. You can also add comments, images, buttons, and other elements to make your videos more engaging and interactive. I highly recommend Weet for anyone who needs to create professional-quality training videos with subtitles.

Marcus - IT Specialist

More than just adding text to video

Weet can do so much more than just add text to video. Weet is an interactive video platform that allows you record and edit videos in minutes, with features including screen and webcam recording, video trimming, video duplicator, background noise cancellation, adding interactive annotations, and more!

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