Add PPT and Google Slides to video

Add slideshows to your videos to increase interest and comprehension

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Increase engagement by adding PPT and Google Slides presentations to videos

Using Googles Slides and PowerPoint to enhance your video can have many benefits for both the trainers and the trainees.

Presentations can deliver information and illustrate concepts. Slides and PPT can make your videos more informative and educational, as well as explain ideas and processes that can help learners to understand and remember more. For example, a slide of a diagram can show how a system works and a slide of a chart can show how data is analyzed.

Using Slides and PPT in your video can also make the video more flexible and adaptable for different learning needs and preferences. Providing slides enable learners to adjust the pace and sequence of the video according to their own learning styles and goals. For example, learners can pause the video to review a slide, skip to a slide that interests them, or go back to a slide that they missed.

Additionally, using presentations in your videos can also make them more interactive and engaging for the learners. Learners can participate and collaborate with the video by using slides as prompts and guides. For example, learners can answer questions on a slide, complete tasks on a slide, or share feedback on a slide.

As for SEO, presentations can also make the video more searchable and discoverable for potential learners. By adding keywords and descriptions to the slides, you can help the video to be indexed and ranked by various search engines and platforms. These are some of the reasons why using slideshow presentations to any part of a training video can be very useful and effective.

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How to add PPT and Slides to a video

Choose a slideshow to share

First, open Google Slides in a browser, or open PowerPoint. Click "Share Screen," and select to share the tab that is the slideshow, or the PowerPoint window. You will be taken to your slideshow where you need to start the presentation before recording.

Record your section

Toggle back to the Weet tab you are recording from to begin recording. You can scroll through your slideshow as much as you'd like while you record. Your audience will not see any other screen besides the presentation.

Make necessary adjustments

You may have to run through the process once or twice to understand the best cadence to move through the slideshow presentation. Don't think too hard about the details. Remember, you are the expert and are sharing your valuable knowledge!

Adding Slideshow Presentations to Video tutorial

Create emotion

PPT and Slides can create emotion and grab the viewers' interest. Images can enhance the appeal and attractiveness of your videos, as well as create feelings and emotions that can inspire learners to focus and learn more. For instance, a picture of a happy child can generate a positive mood and a sense of empathy, while a picture of a natural disaster can generate a sense of urgency and awareness.

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Enhance message clarity

Slides and PPT can make complex information and data easier to understand. Slideshows can help you explain complicated or abstract concepts in a simple and concise way, by using visual aids such as graphs, charts, diagrams, maps, icons, or symbols. For example, a slide with a pie chart can show the percentage of different categories in a data set, while a slide with a flowchart can show the steps or processes in a system.

Create aesthetically pleasing videos

Slideshows can enhance memory and recall by helping learners store and retrieve information more easily, as they are processed directly by the long-term memory. Presentations can also create associations and connections between different pieces of information, which can improve retention and comprehension. For example, an image of a mnemonic device can help learners remember a list of items, while an image of a metaphor or analogy can help learners understand a new concept.



What they say about Weet:

Weet is amazing. It’s a great tool for creating and sharing interactive training videos with Google Slides to make my videos more engaging, informative, and memorable. I can easily create or share slideshows that help me to present complex or technical concepts, grab attention and interest, and motivate and inspire my viewers. Plus, Weet is easy and fast to use. I can create professional-quality videos with slideshows in minutes - and track who is watching and interacting with them. I highly recommend Weet to anyone who wants to make training videos with slideshows.

Sofia - Director of Operations

More than just adding PPT and Slides to video

Weet can do so much more than just add PPT and Slides to video. Weet is an interactive video platform that allows you create and edit videos in minutes, with features including screen and webcam recording, video trimming, video duplicator, background noise cancellation, interactive annotations, and more!

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