Your Guide to Creating the Best Customer Service Videos

Customer Service Videos: Your Guide to Creating the Best

Customer service videos are becoming more and more prevalent as time goes on, and for good reason.

Organizations have gotten increasingly creative with customer service videos. Meetings have been eliminated, customers can easily understand the product at their own pace, complex troubleshooting issues can more efficiently be resolved, the list goes on. How your organization leverages customer service videos can greatly impact your success. With video, you have the ability to create personal connections with your client base in ways that email doesn’t. Your expertise Customer Success team can spend less time reiterating basic product functionalities and more time troubleshooting higher-level requests. It’s a win-win situation if executed correctly.

List of Best Customer Service Video Ideas

Check out Weet’s curated list of customer service videos that every CSM team should begin with:

Customer Service Video Idea: Basic Product Demos

Every customer-facing team needs a concise, effective video demonstration.

Don’t go through all of the bells and whistles here (perhaps mention them to pique viewer interest), but you won’t have time to cover everything. Try to keep this video under 5 minutes, like in our example above that clocks in at 4 minutes.

Another point to stress here is that you don’t have to strive for perfection with this video. You are presenting a real, human side to the product and company. It’s okay if your cat walks across the background or you stumble over a word or two. We’re human, you’re not a Hollywood actor, and people aren’t looking for that. 

The focus of this video is to present your product quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Like an elevator pitch where the elevator got stuck for a few minutes. 

Since you have such a short amount of time to present all of this info, order your information in logical sections and chapters that are named and easy for viewers to navigate. Look for tools, like Weet, that can do this for you. 

Customer Service Video Idea: Video Tutorials and How-tos

Customer Success teams know how invaluable a pre-made, shareable, and effective how-to tool can be. These assets are so valuable because they both help customers and allow CSMs to prioritize their time and expertise on higher-level matters. Just like with product demos, video tutorials and how-tos are a win-win: for customers and for the CSM team.

Customers love to be able to watch a short video that solves their issue by walking them step by step. No need to pick up the phone to chat or call a support team member. It’s all about saving the customer time and providing the most convenient and fast way to fix their issue. Give them as few hoops to jump through as possible.

Customer Success teams often get repeat questions and find ourselves explaining the same topics over and over. Sure, we have canned email messages for such occasions. But you can have a canned video response that is way more clear and personable than that email could ever be.

Customer Service Video Idea: Knowledge Base

If you don’t have a Knowledge Base, it’s time to create one. Hubspot defines a Knowledge Base as “a centralized database for spreading information and data. Knowledge bases support collecting, organizing, retrieving, and sharing knowledge.”

Many organizations have internal KBs and separate, external KBs for clients and customers. A lot of time a customer-facing Knowledge Base is really the support page, particularly of a SaaS company. Here we see Apple’s contact page and Weet’s help page as examples of Knowledge Bases.

Video has the power to give your Knowledge Bases incredible value and leverage. Do not make the mistake of creating a long, dry, all-text Knowledge Base. In Weet’s KB, every page links to a weet video with a screenshare example of a CSM guiding the viewers through a step-by-step process. Video KB content has more value than the written instructions because 

  • It can be transcribed
  • Viewers can see the demonstration for themselves
  • With the right tools, videos can be updated after being saved and shared
  • Also with the right tools, videos can be divided into sections and chapters so viewers can jump straight where they need to
  • Videos can change playback speeds to save time
  • Studies show that 72% of consumers prefer to learn about a product or service via video

Customer Service Video Idea: Troubleshooting

Video is a great way to troubleshoot customer issues. You can create videos to preemptively prevent issues, like our example above, or you can respond directly to customers with weets of helpful screnshares. 

Video is so important and undervalued for troubleshooting. As a CSM, what is more valuable than being able to see the customer’s issue and showing them the solution directly. Your customers will appreciate the personal touch of your customer service video.

And even better news, you can re-use these videos! Duplicate weets to save certain sections that you want to use again in the future. 

Customer Service Video Idea: Communities and Forums

In today’s remote world, more than ever, we need ways to bring together people remotely and asynchronously. (No one in their right mind is suggesting more Zoom meetings). 

Yet we want to foster the connections we would have in an office or client meeting, just outside those settings and on our own schedules. 

Video makes this possible! Use tools, like in our example above, that allow you to record with multiple people, collaborate with video, audio, and screenshare in the comments, and provide time-stamped emoji reactions. 

Customer service videos oriented toward communities and forums can be fun and inviting and interactive! You just need the right tools. 

Customer Service Video Idea: Product Release Updates

Keep your entire customer base up-to-date with your product and service updates!  Don’t lose business because customers don’t know that your product or service has improved in some way. Communicate this to your customers through dedicated channels like newsletters, social media, and email lists. 

Use video to actively demonstrate these updates. As we’ve mentioned previously, studies show that people by far prefer to learn about these things via video as opposed to text. 

Customer Service Video Idea: Employee Training

Incorporate videos into your onboarding process for a smoother experience. 

Whether in office or remote, new employees can watch these videos on their time, between the inevitable new-job meeting storm. They can reference the videos again in the future, unlike in live trainings. 

When using the right tools, training videos can be updated even after saving and sharing, without altering the original link at all. This saves time for the trainers and helps the trainees hone in on what they need help understanding most. It’s an individualized plan vs. a one-size-fits-all track.  


Customer service videos are an invaluable resource for clients and colleagues. Leverage video to positively impact the success of your company by creating personalized connections, focusing your teams’ expertise where it makes the most impact, and demonstrating directly to customers new features and product troubleshooting issues.

The possibilities for customer service videos are endless!

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