Why Sales Professionals Love Weet

Use Case: Why Sales Professionals Love Weet

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If there was a way for you and your Sales Team to close faster and drive more conversions, would you? Now you can with Weet video messaging!

The world is changing and the way we conduct business is changing right along with it – quickly. Leveraging new tools like Weet will help you stay relevant and keep your customers happy!

Collaborate with Customers

You can invite recipients to comment on or collaborate with your Weet. Customers love it because they get a personalized message and, most importantly, they respond on their own time! You don’t need to schedule a sales meeting with them. 


Take Back Your Time

Rather than taking 5 minutes to make a call or draft an email, use that time more effectively with Weet. Record your message in real-time, then send it to as many customers as you’d like all at once.


It’s Freezing In Here

Stop dealing with distracting lags and freezes during sales video meetings! They’re embarrassing and throw everyone off their rhythm. With Weet, this issue is completely eliminated.


No Software to Download

That means for you and for your customers. All you have to do is perfect your pitch. No need to worry about video storage, upload time, or recording time limits, because there are none!


Create the Perfect Product Demo

Effortlessly record your message with video, screenshare, and audio. Recipients still see your face when you share your screen, personalizing your message even more and eliminating confusion.

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