Tools for Customer Success Managers

Tools for Customer Success Managers are collaborative. Weet will save you time and allow you to communicate effectively and efficiently.

Tools for Customer Success Managers vary in functionality and successful application.

As a Customer Success Manager, it’s our job to make sure the customer has an enjoyable experience using your product. We are the face of the company.

If there was a way to really “wow” your customers and save you time, you’d try it, right? Now there is! Introducing Weet as part of your CSM solution.


With Tools for Customer Success Managers You Can Replace Canned Chats!

You probably answer a lot of the same questions over and over (and over and over) again. It’s also likely that you store answers to these common questions so you can copy and paste them with ease. We call these canned chats.

You can do the same thing with a Weet! Record it once, and send that link as many times as you want. Imagine the time you will save! 😍


Comprehensive Step-by-Step Instructions

Sometimes it’s just plain difficult to explain a process via email. You can’t always demonstrate clearly what you need to.

Weet solves that problem with ease. Now you can use a combination of video recording, audio recording, screen recording, and text to comprehensively communicate processes.

Even better, as we mentioned above, you only need to record the process once in order to send that Weet to limitless people for an unlimited amount of time.


Customers Love It!

Customers love the personal touch that a Weet provides them. It makes them feel like they are being supported by a real human being!

Customers also love the rapid speed at which Weet works. Their questions can be answered immediately and they can interact with you (Support) instantly.

The collaborative tools in Weet allow customers to ask questions and react to your Weet. And they don’t need to record themselves if they don’t want to! They can utilize text comments, audio, or screen record on laptop as well. The options for collaboration are limitless.


More Clarity

When customers see your Weet, they get the opportunity to see your facial expressions, gestures, and personality. This allows you (and them) to communicate more effectively.

We’ve all had an experience where a text or email we wrote was misconstrued. It can be difficult to gauge tone and intention with text. With Weet there is no question, and your message is captured clearly.

CSMs and customers alike love Weet as a collaborative tool. It is a new and necessary part of your CSM stack. Weet will save you time and allow you to communicate with customers as effectively (and efficiently) as possible.

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