When to Use Video in Your Sales Process

Utilizing video for sales has a powerful allure, capturing the attention of your potential clients—and attention is a powerful marketing tool!

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Why Use Video for Sales?

You might be asking yourself, “Why video?” Simple, they have a powerful allure, capturing the attention of your potential clients—and attention is a powerful tool in marketing. Actually, videos make up three-quarters of all internet traffic globally, and the numbers are projected to go up in future.

Using visual cues in your sales pitch is a brilliant opportunity to be innovative and creative in how you present your product or service to potential clients. Also, videos for the “busy bee” client, about the product are much better than text and will save you both time.

A video in your sales process has the potential to influence its viewers to your advantage. Some of the situations where a video can be a good idea in your sales process are when you want to:


  1. Grab Attention

A video in your sales process, especially comes in handy is when you are trying to draw attention to what you are selling. When your videos are in line with current consumer trends, it’s an excellent way to get the ball rolling in capturing your views attention and ultimately making a sale.


  1. Creating Awareness Around Your Product 

When you need to create a “buzz” about the effectiveness of your product—whether new or an existing one, a video is a convenient option; You are also able to explain how to use the product through screencast for easy understanding.

An information-packed video is much better than text; the visual appeal a video holds is worth its weight in gold when it comes to your sales and marketing process.


  1. Give Social Proof

This covers aspects like endorsements, testimonials from current clients, reviews, and case studies. Sometimes the viewer is not entirely convinced the product is right for them until they see others professing its effectiveness and how it worked for them. 


  1. Call to Action

After you have peaked viewer’s interest in your product, a video calling them to action further cements their decision to invest in your product.


Crafting The Perfect Video for Your Sales Process

To make your video content useful and interesting to the viewer, you have to know which type of content you are going to use, when you are going to use it, and the target demographic you are creating it for. 

Sales videos can be on various topics about your product, depending on what you aim to achieve. They range from:

  • Product videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Customer testimonial videos
  • FAQ videos

Your video has to cover three basic angles when you are making it — awareness, consideration, and finally, decision.

  • Awareness mostly encompasses educational and information-bearing videos. They answer all the questions the viewers have about the product.
  • Consideration includes using creative and interesting material to spice up your video. The aim is to use simple but exciting ways to bring down the complexity (if it is) of your product.
  • The decision covers building trust in your brand for the viewer. Without trust, they cannot purchase your product. It is primarily for social proof videos.


Your sales video should be the reflection of the quality of your product bears. There are loads of video messaging tools like Weet that will help you create a quality masterpiece for your product’s sale process.

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