Provide Unmatched Tech Support With Video

Screencast time sensitive updates to customers before downtime

Videos are not only taking over the world of content marketing but also the customer service sector. Customers are more likely to vote up a support agent who made an email video or a video call to answer their customer support questions compared to the one who solved the issue via a chat feature.

This proves the power of videos as far as solving customer problems is concerned. There are a lot of reasons you would want to use video to market your product, reach potential leads and even answer their tech-related questions. In this article, we look at how you can provide unmatched tech support using Weet.

Engage Your Clients with Weet’s Interactive Features

Videos are a great way to tell a story and engage your clients or customers in a way that captivates their interest and wins their attention. Did you know that the best communicators are the best storytellers? 

If you’re going to offer some tech support on a complex topic, for example, how to fix recurring issues, you want to ensure your audience knows that you understand their uncertainty and the frustration they are probably going through. By allowing them to express their concerns, you’ll make the conversation lively, and they will feel understood.

Establish Empathy

Having a real person talk to a frustrated customer is the best way to calm them down. By putting a human face before a customer, you make them feel important, and they will probably give you time to win back their trust. 

Offering tech support via a live video is one way of creating empathy. The more authentic you get with your Weeters, the more likely they will see you as someone they can trust.

Entertain Before You Educate

According to research, videos will pique more interest than standard text. This is attributed to the fact that the human eyes are attracted to movement. Leveraging videos to draw attention is a great and most effective way to get the message across. 

One perfect way to attract the Weeter’s attention is to include an entertainment piece in your Weet videos such as a soundtrack from popular music, etc. You can make a tech support video with no entertainment features, and this won’t have the same impact as one that entertains and educates simultaneously. The latter piques the audience’s attention and leaves them intrigued.

Embrace the moment

Tech support is often a boring subject for most support agents and customers alike. Explaining complex terms and procedures isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It’s almost impossible, for example, to troubleshoot a client’s electronic gadget by giving them mere instructions via text/call and expecting them to follow your instructions – word by word.

By using a Weet Video instead, you can enrich the support experience with features such as screen recording, interactive videos and built-in collaborative aids that will streamline your tech support needs.


When nothing short of spectacular will do, choose to engage your customers in a friendlier and more convenient way. You don’t have to struggle with texts and inconsistent calls when you can create a Weet and share the same information in real-time.

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