Best Way to Gather Customer Feedback With Video

Best way to gather customer feedback

The best way to gather customer feedback is with video.

Client feedback is essential to improving customer experience and fostering positive changes in a business, to promote the growth of your company. It’s helpful to know what you’re doing right or wrong as a business to help you find ways to improve on them.

Before you start gathering client feedback, determine why you want their input. This will make the process easier and save you time as well as your clients’.


Why is it essential to use video as the best way to gather customer feedback?

The best way to gather customer feedback is with video messaging; a powerful communication tool that doubles as a marketing tool for your brand too. Featuring a video of a client giving their feedback regarding your product, service, or company on your landing page adds social proof and creates trust in your brand. Video feedback shows that your products or services can indeed benefit the lives of your potential customers. Using the Weet video messaging app allows you to create asynchronous video and engage with your clients, on their time.

However, collecting client feedback using video can be quite a challenge.  Getting a client to agree, recording phrases, and uploading the video to your website is not an easy task. Here is a guide to help you out.

1. Create a questionnaire

If you want to get insightful client feedback, prepare questions you are going to ask the client in advance. Custom tailor your questions to their particular problem and solution. You can use Weet to record your voice and send messages to your clients. Here are a few examples of questions you can ask:

  • What made you choose our product or service?
  • What issue did you want to resolve with our product or service?
  • How did our product or service benefit you?
  • Would you recommend our products or services? If so, why?
  • Do you want us to add anything?

2. Reach out to your clients with the right message


For quality video feedback, include details in your request such as:

  • Instructions for sending the video directly via email or Weet
  • The benefits or incentive they will gain for leaving a review

3. Display your video feedback carefully

Now that you have received your video feedback from clients, where can you place it? Since each feedback video addresses a unique issue, use the content where it makes sense. If your video is dedicated to a new feature, you can put it on the right side of your website, which describes a new functionality.


4. Share the video

Use Weet to share feedback videos with your followers. You can incentivize your clients for leaving their feedback by sharing their videos on your social channels and mentioning them. Your clients are also more likely to share the video with their followers, getting you an additional buzz. 

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