Use Case: Create a Killer Product Demo

Improve your product demo using Weet. Your prospects will love it!

So you finally nailed your pitch and perfected your presentation, woohoo!  Now comes the tedious part.

The good news is that sharing your demo doesn’t have to be tedious anymore! With Weet, you can share your message effectively and efficiently to countless potential customers.

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Stop wasting your time scheduling, editing, and achieving that forever-unattainable stable internet connection. Weet is an asynchronous communication tool, so you don’t need to mess with any that anymore!

Record and share your message in real-time with no complex software to download, learn, or mess around with. Your message is your focus.


Just because there is no software to tediously download doesn’t mean you’re left without options!  With Weet you can get your message across with any combination of video, screen share, audio, and text. Recipients will still see your face along with the information you are sharing, unlike video conferencing options. Eliminate confusion and connect with your audience with Weet.


Personalize your pitch like never before with Weet. Use filters, virtual backgroundsemoji reactions, and an Interactions section that encourages collaboration amongst your recipients. 


After you give Weet a try, you’ll never want to do another product walkthrough on Zoom again!

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