9 Imaginative Ways to Improve Your Prospecting Emails with Video

Your prospecting emails will improve by leaps and bounds with just this one tip - email video to your clients too!

Videos are a useful marketing tool in today’s world. They attract potential prospects and increase your engagement rates helping to boost sales. Below are nine imaginative ways to use videos in prospecting.

1 –  Capture the attention of the viewer

Sales prospecting email requires getting the attention of the one who doesn’t know about the brand. Research has shown that when people see an advert, they tend to remember faster than a text.  The human brain stores ninety percent of visual information, making video prospecting effective in gaining the audience’s attention.

2 –  Make It Personal

Through knowing your consumers, you can make a personalized video in your sales process. For example, cartoons have their audience as children, thus creating contact with your prospective customers. Including specific information makes the receiver feel like the information is directed to them. This makes them feel more valued.

3 –  Know The Email Video Type You Want to Send

Email video must be direct to the point and educational. They also have to promote your brand’s main values to be precise and short. Funny information will increase the relationship with your content to increase the need for them to learn more about the brand, company, and products or services. Weet enables you to embed your Weet videos to your prospects via a link. Prospects will view the link and they don’t need to have a Weet account to watch the video.

4 –  Try and Segment Your Audience

Segmenting your consumers enables you to offer a specific message to different groups. Segmenting your audience will enable you to give customized messages to the different groups you serve.

5 –  Record On Your Webcam or Smartphone for A Personal Touch

Recording on your webcam, tablet, or smartphone will allow you the luxury to make the viewers feel valued by passing personalized videos directly intended for them. You can mention them by name and tag them as a further step to improve your video’s personalized feel. Weet is a cross platform application which means you can use it across multiple devices such as your smartphone, desktop, tablet or laptop.

6 –  Showing Your Face Works

Presenting a friendly face at the start and end will maintain a connection with your audience. Introduce yourself at the beginning and at the end, create a friendly goodbye. It also helps show a human face in the preview of your video as the first impression to increase the viewing rates.

7 –  Keep The Content Relevant

Dividing your email list into small portions will make your videos more relevant to the audience that is targeted. By creating stages through the journey; this enables one to offer prospects. After the audience is aware of the stages, this means you have captured their interest. They have reached the point where they are thinking about purchasing your product or services. Thus, you can direct them into deeper information.

8 –  Use Testimonials And Reviews

Using customer experience to an email enables us to welcome a series of welcoming emails or at the end of the email to create a final remark. Recent customer stories are very effective in giving a push to interested future customers. Consumer experience acts as a great way to persuade people who tend to trust it more than video advertising done by a brand. This enables your video to offer discounts and giver ways and use it as a promotion method.

9 –  Send Demos

Sending a short demo video can help to highlight a feature or give feedback to a question. They are a great way to come up with leads in a personalized and successful way. Demos are a way of marketing where selling a physical but untouchable product can be a challenge. Weet enables you to create demos which you can illustrate with multiple prospects. You will be hitting two birds with one stone. There is no need for repetition each time you have a new prospect.


Taking advantage of a video for your prospecting needs is a great idea that could bring more business. Sure everyone’s doing it, but if YOU do it the right way, you’re going to break the bank with all the conversion you’ll get.

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