Create B2B Marketing Videos That Drive Pipeline

b2b marketing videos can help drive your pipeline for days to come

video marketing strategy with the right b2b marketing videos is essential for any brand. Videos have dominated the social media space. Firms that use this form of marketing, have a vast majority share of the clients buying from their brands. It doesn’t mean that if your brand is not using videos as a marketing medium, you are falling behind — no, maybe your marketing strategy is working for you. Still, it would be wise to incorporate videos into your strategy if you want to capture more attention.

Demo videos (demonstration videos) are the perfect medium to expound more on your product to clients and make sales. Demo videos are meant to be memorable, educative, and informative. When a potential client sees your brand’s demo video, they should be compelled to make a purchase.

In the process of making your demo video, there are considerations you have to put into place — think of them as the map to achieving a successful demo video.

Who Is the Video for?

Anticipating your audience’s needs beforehand is the key to successful b2b marketing videos. To make your demo video customer-focused, your busy bees should prepare a comprehensive checklist of key ideas reflecting the needs of your viewers to be addressed by your video.

Your demo video also doesn’t have to focus on one demographic. You should find a way to work around the restrictions of targeting one group and incorporate a video aimed at different buyers. You can always outsource the creation of your demo video, but if you do it yourself, you can steer the video in accordance with your vision for what you want potential clients to know about your brand.

You have to realize that customers may either be aware of your products and ready to buy them or not. Thus, your demo video should lean somewhat to the general side.

Offering Solutions to Clients

The premise of your demo video should be centered around your brand, offering viable solutions to potential issues that your viewers may have encountered, or perceive to encounter. One way to improve your demo video is to focus on providing alternate, or new solutions with your products. Many brands tend to focus on features of their products, which are more or less, the same as their competitors. So, if you choose to go the “features” route, you may fall into the ambiguity trap.

Yes, your product has some mind-blowing features, but don’t be tempted to do it; you can mention them, but let them not be the center of your conversation in your demo video. Plus, if there are too many, they make your video long and mundane to the client, not to mention all the “rocket science-like” terminologies most clients use to make products sound fancy to clients.

Making Your B2B Marketing Videos

All the pointers above have been leading up to this point. If you have all your demo video ideas ready, and all that is remaining is making the video physically, an excellent place to start is with video editing software and video creating tools. Weet, for instance, is a very flexible, and easy-to-use video-making tool. Getting it is easy, and signing up is easier. It has all the video editing features you want, just like online recording and even more.


Creating b2b marketing videos may sound like too much work, but if you are in it to win it, you will reap the benefits in the long run. From production, editing, and distribution, the hardships are many, but there is no greater time to get into video marketing than now.

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