5 Reasons Video Sales Tools Work

Video sales tools are important for your sales process and sales team's success. Here are 5 reasons why videos are a remarkable sales tool.

Video sales tools are imperative for your digital success. You’ve had to be under a rock if you haven’t heard the buzz surrounding video marketing. Arguably, video marketing is the pinnacle of all video sales tools. Don’t believe us? Well, according to a Google Study, more than 40% of internet users always look for videos related to a brand, or product they intend to buy before purchasing it.

Here are five reasons you should be jumping into this bandwagon if you haven’t because videos are among the most compelling ways to drive up your brand sales.

1. Video Sales Tools Help People Learn About Your Brand 

As previously established, videos have a massive impact on the purchasing decision of the potential client. Your videos should always be a reflection of what your brand stands for as they coerce clients to buy from you. A good marketing video should try, as much as possible, to connect with the viewers, especially if it is the first time they hear about your brand, it has the power to lift your brand’s popularity, and rank.

Video sales tools allow people to process complex information more easily. Actually, in some cases, potential clients will watch a brand’s video more than once to try connecting with it. You should try as much as possible to cover all your base information about your brand in your videos.

2. People Love to Ogle at Videos

Fun fact: people spend a lot of time watching videos – so much that a third of all internet activity is watching videos. Videos are fun to watch, and they have that relaxing sensation attached to them, especially if you are enjoying what you are watching in your little bubble away from the world.

Research shows that for every four consumers, one often loses interest in the brand and product if they do not have a video feature to back up their claims. This should already indicate to you how much videos are essential to consumers. They will watch anything related to your brand if they are interested in it to affirm their decision in buying from your brand.

The engagement meter in your video sales tools have to be beyond high. Make it funny, make it interesting, make people yearn to watch it until the end. This way, you can put across your point in a chronological sequence all through the video. Also, please pay attention to the length of your videos—short videos which are straight to the point yield better results.

3. Video Sales Tools Boost Conversions and Sales

The right marketing video for the right audience will make you some serious sales. If your brand has a website, a product video on your landing page will increase the client’s chances of buying from you. Videos have a detailed description of your product, and believe it or not, that’s what the clients are looking for.

4. You build trust with videos

For clients to buy from your brand, they need to have established some trust. Trust is often regarded as the foundation of making a sale. So your video has to be worthwhile in the trust-building department. Marketing strives on the status quo of building lasting brand-client relationships, and trust, and a video is your best bet if you want to achieve these two fundamental building blocks of making a sale.

5. You May Be Improving Your SEO

It’s no secret that Google is getting better at machine learning, and is currently able to identify thousands of elements and images within a video. Did I mention there is also Google’s Video Intelligence API that notes relevant keywords in your video? That is a massive plus in terms of SEO for your brand.


Remember, the secrets are to keep your video recordings short, tell your worker bees to trim, trim and trim some more with Weet for the most optimal video to present to clients. The goal is to put your point across in the shortest amount of time without losing significance and interest in the eyes of your viewer.

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