3 Sales Emails That Will Boost Your Reply Rates

How to send a video through email and boost your reply rates using Weet!

How to send a video through email seems simple but sometimes as a sales rep, it’s hard to get noticed. You do everything in your power to stand out, but nothing works out. All those nights spent crafting witty, catchy emails to prospective clients amount to maybe one or two replies, but it’s nothing compared to where you want to be. What could be the problem? On average, a prospective client will receive up to 100 emails daily. This means you have very little time to capture their attention, or you’ll lose them to your competitors.

So, how can you improve your reply rates to your sales emails?  Below are three sales emails that will capture the attention of any prospective client and lead them to your inbox.

1. How To Send A Video Through Email

An email with a video in it will capture the attention of your prospect. If you do it the right way, your video will warrant a reply. They will probe wanting to know more about your services and your brand. A video will help you convey emotion and connect with your prospect on an emotional level.

You want to come out as genuine and authentic in your sale video with the email. So don’t rely too heavily on scripted material, as you will appear robotic and the video rehearsed.

Here are some tips to follow:

  • Even though it’s within an email, keep it short – like a solid 60-90 seconds.
  • Try as much as possible to personalize the email and the video in accordance with your client’s needs.

2. Product Update and Description Emails

Product emails are easy to get wrong. They are not sent often and that’s why people don’t know how to respond to them. But that’s the catch! They may not be as interesting or engaging as an email offer, but the straightforward and simple nature of these emails is what makes these emails stand out. They are simply too easy to digest and comprehend, and if a client doesn’t understand, they can easily send and enquire through their reply.

Clients don’t want to be spammed with unnecessary emails. If it’s short and quick, it will capture the attention of a prospective client and maybe even get them to reply. As a sales rep, you don’t want to be sending emails every time a new product from your company comes out.  Consider sending a round-up email in intervals when there is a new product from your brand. This way, you don’t inundate your contacts with a slew of unnecessary emails.

3. Tutorial Emails

You might be thinking to yourself, “Are tutorial emails really sales emails?” and the simplest answer is: Yes, they are! As long as you are talking about your brand and product to your contacts, that may be regarded as a sales email. Tutorial mails are designed to explain and teach contacts on how to use your product. If you happen to send such an email to a contact who doesn’t use your products, they may read it and want to know more about it since they want to try it.


Crafting a video email for a prospect and not getting a reply can be tough on your morale as a sales rep. To ensure your reply rates are above average, always try and keep the creativity and quality of your emails high. An engaging email will always keep the client wanting more and looking forward to replying. That’s the ideal situation you are looking for if you want to make sales.

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