Replace One on One Meetings with Collaboration Tools For Remote Teams

Collaboration tools for remote teams make one on ones convenient

Collaboration tools for remote teams a great way to make your employees feel included, trusted and that they are essential team members without meetings.

The core reason for any meeting is to ensure that it is effective and yields desired results. However, studies show that employees spend more than 31 hours in unproductive meetings every month. That’s a lot of time to go down the drain because time is money and wasted time is lost revenue.

Unproductive meetings make your employees leave feeling they didn’t need to attend the meeting in the first place and could have just received an update via email or text. 

In today’s digital ever-busy world, you don’t have the luxury of having unproductive Zoom virtual meetings. The big question is, how do you ensure that you don’t waste people’s time and are most productive? Well, Asynchronous Updates is the way to go.

👩🏼‍🏫 What is Asynchronous Communication?

Asynchronous communication is any communication that doesn’t demand an immediate response from members. Instead, collaboration tools for remote teams allow team members respond on their own time. A good example of asynchronous communication is sending emails which require no quick answer.

Synchronous Communication or one on one meetings, on the other hand, is any communication that demands an instantaneous response such as in-person conversations, messaging apps, and phone calls. Synchronous meetings are still relevant, and you should not get rid of them altogether. Synchronous meetings should be for the most critical discussions only.

🤝 How to Conduct an Effective Asynchronous Meeting

For any meeting to be effective, there are two vital things you need to consider. The platform you will use and communicate to your team that you are taking things the asynchronous way.

🧑‍💻 Use the Right Platform

There’s an array of software and tools you can use though you need to choose the best of the best. It would be best if you considered where and how you would conduct your updates. A great platform to use is Weet.

Commonly referred to as using a speach. The platform has many benefits, such as:

● Enables you to collaborate effectively. It allows you to record your discussion point by talking, which is six times faster than typing. ● Follow the progress of the asynchronous meetings. Speach enables you to know who is viewing the notes and development they are making. ● Save time by having your notes in one place for easy viewing by team members ● Have visualized explanations by having a screencast with audio narration. ● Have centralized Weets that can be accessed from any device.

🧑‍💻 Update Your Team Members of the Asynchronous Meeting

When the time to adopt asynchronous updates comes, you need to communicate to your team on the changes and set some guidelines to follow. Everyone must be on board during the implementation phase.

You can send a message to all members explaining:

● Why you need to hold asynchronous meetings. ● How feedback will be monitored. Everyone can respond or check at least once daily. ● Participants in the meeting and the team meeting agenda to be discussed.

🧑‍💻 Benefits of Asynchronous Updates.

The deal-breaker in Synchronous meetings is a waste of time and reduces productivity. Asynchronous sessions on the hand minimize the amount of time spent in unnecessary meetings. Other benefits of asynchronous meetings are:

● Time zone constrictions are reduced. Asynchronous meetings give people the ability to participate in meetings to ensure the project’s move on without having to be restricted by time zones. ● Your team focuses on more prolonged periods which results in increased productivity. ● Since the response is not immediate, you get better responses from team members leading to better decision making. ● Provides a platform for introverts to contribute more easily. Introverts are silent people but may have great ideas to push the company forward. ● Gives your team freedom not always to be online, which can be very tiring. Team members get to respond when they are super active and energized.


Meetings are part and parcel of any successful business. The take-home point is that meetings should be productive and not time-wasting escapades. Weet guides you on how to roll out asynchronous sessions to be active and productive among you and your team members.

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