Remove Background Noise from Audio

Remove Background Noise from Audio

With Weet, you can create amazing video tutorials in a snap, thanks to its powerful AI features. One of them is AI noise cancellation, which lets you eliminate any unwanted sounds from the audio.

Demonstrate Your Skills 

Weet’s AI Noise Cancellation improves the quality and clarity of the audio in your video tutorial, making it easier for your audience to understand and follow your instructions.

With AI noise cancellation you can avoid any distractions or interruptions from your environment, such as traffic, construction, pets, children, etc., that might affect your professionalism and credibility. 

Save time and effort by not having to edit or re-record your video tutorials due to noisy background audio, and focus on delivering valuable content instead.

How to Record a Weet with Noise Cancellation

To remove any distracting background noise from your video, such as a busy cafe or a lively home office, you should turn on noise cancellation before you start recording your video tutorial. 

Noise cancellation will stay on until you turn it off.   It is recommended that you turn it off when not needed, as it could affect sound quality.

Follow These Steps to Activate Noise Cancellation While Recording

Step 1: Get started simply by clicking "Create Weet" from your homepage.

Step 2: in the bottom left corner, select the menu that looks like a gear.

Step 3: Under "Noise cancellation" select "Soft" or "Medium" depending on how loud your environment is. You're all set to record high-quality sound, even in a noisy environment!

When to Record a Weet with Noise Cancellation

Do not use noise cancellation in a quiet environment, only when there is excess noise.  We recommend turning it off when not needed, so your sound quality is not affected.


How to Remove Background Noise from Video Files

Do you have existing video files with distracting background noise that you’d like removed? Use Weet's AI Noise Cancellation to remove excess noise from previously-recorded video files, then add it to your video tutorial! 

Weet’s Noise Cancellation allows users to enhance the quality and consistency of their video course, making it more appealing and engaging for your learners. 

Increase the accessibility and inclusivity of your video course, making it easier for people with hearing impairments or different language preferences to benefit from your content.

Follow These Steps to Upload a Video File with Noise Cancellation

Step 1: Click "Create a Weet," or create one using the Weet browser extension.

Step 2: Click "Upload" and select a video file. 

Step 3: After selecting a file to upload, you will have the option to remove background noise with Soft, Medium, or Extreme options. Click "Validate" after you've made a selection.

When to Remove Background Noise from Video File

We recommend Weet’s noise cancellation feature only be activated when there is unwanted background noise in a video file.  This feature is very helpful in eliminating any extra noise if you're out in public, an open co-working space, a cafe, manufacturing facility, or any environment that doesn’t allow you to record a clear Weet video the first time.  Do not apply noise cancellation to videos with no excess background noise.

How Weet's AI noise cancellation works

Weet leverages AI technology to power several of its video creation features, and noise cancellation is one of them. This feature allows you to automatically detect and remove any background noise from your recordings, ensuring that you can create clear and quality Weets in a snap. 

Whether you need to create video tutorials, product demos, video training, or any other type of collaborative videos, Weet can help you achieve your goals with ease and efficiency.


Weet Offers More than Noise-Free Video Tutorials

Weet enables subject matter experts to create and share engaging video tutorials with rich commenting options and powerful AI features. Use Magic Trim and Face Framing to enhance your video quality and appearance, and add rich annotations to draw attention and add clarity. 

Invite co-authors to join you in creating video tutorials. Share how-to videos with your clients, partners, or team members across different time zones and platforms. They can respond to your Weet using their webcam, screencast, audio, text, or emojis. 

Easily share your Weets on social media platforms, embed them on a webpage, or change their privacy settings with a single click. Edit your Weet anytime after sharing it, without having to create a new one, keeping your content updated and relevant for your audience.

Ready to share background noise-free video tutorials with customers and employees? Try Weet today!

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