Prospecting with video: How to close a sales deal

Prospecting with video is now easier than ever with remote tools. You can free up both your and your clients agenda and add a friendly face.

Why prospecting with video?

Prospecting with video is often an overlooked as a solution for closing sales but in this fast paced remote world, leveraging even the most practical tools at our disposal is imperative for success. 

In this ultimate guide to using video for sales Hubspot references potential KPIs of 5X your email open rate and 8X your click-through rate simply through the use of video. That is a vast improvement compared to other tactics. And it isn’t complex to implement into your process either.

How to use video in sales

Now that we know the massive potential of prospecting with video, here are three simple guidelines to follow while creating your next sales video:

Keep it brief

No one wants to sit down and watch a five-minute video (unless it is a topic the viewer is immersed in) just like no one wants to read a page of email. For “quick tips” videos, stick to 30 seconds or less, and for product-related videos, stick to 3 minutes or less.

Choose a setting

It’s okay to shoot video in a home office, but make sure there is enough light and a presentable background. Your potential customers may be distracted by any clutter behind you.

Use props or supporting material

Interesting and memorable videos have props. Write the potential customer’s name on the whiteboard to show the potential customer that this is a personalized video (and make sure to put the whiteboard on the thumbnail so they are interested in clicking). Alternatively, if you’re using a screen-share incorporate a detail unique to your prospect in the presentation.

Choose your tool

Will you use your webcam? Or a professional camera? The choice is yours but with some many available options with customizable backgrounds, engaging features and properties, an online tool may do the trick.

Prospecting with video: Measuring engagement

Regardless of which tool you use to create and track the results of your video(s), video comes into play at all stages of the sales process. Starting with the very first contact to your follow up email sequence and closing. Video happens to be just the tool that allows you creativity, especially when using platforms like Weet. 

One benefit of video is that it can be consumed instantly, and it enables you to provide information at a faster rate than text, documents and sales materials, thus making it a versatile medium for expression and dissemination of information.

If you would like  to increase your chances of getting a deal closed faster, free online video editors can help you create videos quickly to add to your sales funnel. Well done sales videos and video marketing is entertaining, engaging and effective in converting viewers into customers. Here  are 4 ways you can use video this year to make your sales process more successful.  

How to close a sales deal tips: Live calls vs asynchronous video

Although live video calls allow potential buyers to hear and read your voice to connect with you more firmly, asynchronous video can achieve the same effect on your prospect’s time. Video allows sellers to relay a lot of information that would require email or supporting emails to explain. Since you are using a video message, you can use your live webcam or avatar with Weet. Video calls can be reserved only when absolutely necessary.

Remember that no one wants to be “sold to” and the idea is to build a relationship from start to finish. Pestering a potential buyer to schedule a call with you when they have not shown interest in buying just yet can waste both your and the prospect’s time. Not to mention, leading with a scheduling message or email does not address their pain points or needs.

Lead with a question or interest in what your prospect is trying to solve, and use video for a warm introduction. Putting a face to a name, in an otherwise cold email, is much more effective with a Weet. 


In a fast paced remote work environment, conversations can be easy to lose track of. We are getting pinged via numerous communication channels so a good sales message or video normally doesn’t feel like one at all. It is natural, paced and with video you can communicate so much more to build effective relationships, and save time.


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