How to Use Asynchronous Communication as a Work From Home Virtual Assistant

A work from home virtual assistant must leverage async communication

A work from home virtual assistant has growing opportunities in this remote work world. as businesses are taking a step further in their remote game hiring those who will not only work remotely but help provide umbrella services required in the business’s day-to-day operations. What a work from home virtual assistant does is provide the otherwise negligible, stressful, yet necessary tasks. Think of answering customer questions and engaging visitors on your website and social media platforms. Yes, it’s tedious, and you have no time for that. But your customers will highly appreciate these services.

Why asynchronous for work from home virtual assistants?

Asynchronous communication is often the way to go when it comes to connecting several teams. When live meetings and video calls are prone to fail, asynchronous sessions are the best alternatives. A work from home virtual assistant in Singapore is most likely to be inconvenienced by a board meeting in New York, which is 12 hours behind Singapore local time.

The time difference isn’t the only issue. Sometimes your virtual assistants are working their daytime jobs or running their side businesses, and they aren’t available for an impromptu zoom virtual meeting. Platforms such as Weet enable you to overcome this challenge. Weet enables you to create an asynchronous Weet video which your work from home virtual assistant can view and act upon when they are free of distractions and most productive.

Communicating with a team as a work from home virtual assistant

It’s important to note that a work from home virtual assistant can be anyone working remotely and helping your business meet the short and long term goals. Depending on what works for your unique case, you can choose to outsource any task to your virtual assistants. Some of the everyday tasks that virtual assistants can help you with are;

  • Data entry, graphic design, transcription, and web development
  • Market research, content writing, social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization, online marketing
  • Call answering, scheduling, and email management

The above services may not seem demanding, but they are critical in every business. Your team needs constant communication with the virtual assistants to ensure everything is delivered on time. One observation with the services above is that they don’t require an immediate response to your team. 

To ensure a decent flow of information with the asynchronous meetings, you want to do the following;

Set expectations

Your virtual assistants should have a time limit to which they should give feedback to the team. This is done by setting expectations, and everyone in the team should sign a contract. Setting expectations will not only ensure mutual understanding but will keep the system organized and functional. Virtual assistants can use Weet to send team updates via email. Feedback can be set to be at least two times a day to ensure everyone is in the same boat.

Monitor performance

Besides encouraging a friendly work culture where feedback is consistent and everyone participates, you should always find a way to gauge your virtual assistants’ performance. Carefully monitor the interaction between your teams and the areas that need improvement. Weet enables you to monitor how many views you are getting and from who. This way it is easier for you to know where to improve on scale up.


You can have several remote teams, and you want them to communicate in one platform that also makes it easy for you to pass urgent information. So, how will you achieve this? What tools will you use, and how are you going to engage and monitor the performance of these separate teams?

Several asynchronous collaboration tools are available in the market, and it can be challenging to find just the perfect one that will suit your needs. Luckily, our Weet platform has been designed with all the remote players in mind. Here, asynchronous Weet will connect your team with the virtual assistants to share projects, engage, build rapport, and share ideas – comfortably and conveniently.

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