How to Create Video for a Knowledge Base

Knowledge video solutions offer advantages over traditional settings

What is a Knowledge Base?

Incorporating video into your knowledge base will help your viewers to better understand concepts, all while being more attractive and engaging than text alone.

knowledge base is a collection of published answers to common questions, how-tos, and general troubleshooting guidance. Its purpose is to make it easy for users to find answers to questions, particularly without requiring additional assistance.

Most organizations have one even if they don’t exclusively call it a “knowledge base.” It is common to have multiple kinds of knowledge bases: an internal one for employees, contractors, and partners, and an external one for customers and clients.

As a creator of a knowledge base, your job is to clearly and concisely answer common questions. A well-structured knowledge base is searchable and provides understanding about particular product features and subjects.

Why is Video Ideal for Knowledge Bases?

Because knowledge bases exist to explain and demonstrate, video is the perfect format for them. Video format eliminates confusion and makes it easier to describe answers to complex questions.

Your knowledge base content needs to be easy to update. The product will update and change, and your knowledge base needs to continually reflect that. Easily updatable and replaceable videos are a great tool to illustrate changes.

Many people prefer to self-service their tech issues rather than talk to a real person. Make it easy for those people to find their own answers first before needing to reach out for help. Your knowledge base should be easy to find, easy to search, with succinct answers.

Video content allows for an emotional connection to your brand. Build customer loyalty and trust more easily with video than other formats.

How to Create Videos for Knowledge Base

1. Demonstrate the Answer

Don’t just tell, show.

2. Use Screen Share

Share your screen so the viewer can see for themselves what you are referring to and pointing at.

3. Use Video

Help the viewer understand your tone and connect with your brand, use video alone with screen share.

4. Create a Slide Deck

If helpful, prepare a slide deck with illustrations and examples. You could also use a physical prop in your webcam video.

5. Use What You Have to Create a Script

Use existing content to create a script for your video content. No need to start from scratch.

6. Don’t Stress About Editing

You aren’t aiming for a flawless production quality. A quick demonstration of how to solve a problem won’t require extensive post-production editing.

7. Used Closed Captioning

Your video should have transcripts or captions so the information is accessible to everyone. This can also provide clarity.

8. Update and Improve Knowledge Base Videos When Necessary

Choose a software that allows you to update your videos. You will need to update, or even replace, videos as things evolve and change. Regularly audit your posted videos list for content that needs to be updated.

Where to Publish and Share Knowledge Base Videos

Once you’ve recorded and edited your knowledge base video, you’ll want to get it out there. There are two common ways to utilize these:

1. Publish to your knowledge base Your knowledge base should be searchable. Describe the question in search terms you think your users will use. Publish your video explanation along with a short summary of text. You want the viewer to have an idea of what the knowledge base video covers, without having to messily explain it via text.

2. Share in response to customer support issues Whatever avenues of customer support your organization uses, you can send these pre-recorded knowledge base video FAQs in your answers to customer questions. Share these videos instantly and at any time, whether it’s email, chat, or text. This will take pressure off of your Customer Success team. More importantly, it will direct energy to more complex troubleshooting and away from repetitive, straightforward FAQs that can easily be answered without personal help. 

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