How to Create Customer Service Training Videos

Customer service training video solutions

HelSupport your clients with customer service training videos. You will save time and eliminate confusion while providing a personal touch.

Do you need to create a short video to explain something to your clients? It truly does not have to be a long and difficult process. We break it down into a few simple steps so you can quickly prepare, record, and send!

Steps to Create Customer Service Training Videos

1. Get your screen ready to share.

We recommend opening a new browser window to reduce the chance that viewers could see sensitive information. Pull up any webpages, documents, slide decks, or visuals you want to share.

2. Write out all the steps of the process or information you are sharing.

If you feel strongly that you don’t need to write it all down you can skip this step. We recommend writing down a few talking points and keeping them nearby while you record your customer service training video.

3. Use software that allows you to share your screen, record video, and audio.

Just sharing your screen is impersonal, and recording a video of just yourself wouldn’t be as helpful. You want something that combines the two. Try Weet today!

4. Record your video one step or section at a time.

Break your message up into digestible, bite-size pieces that your user can easily navigate through.

5. Keep it short!

Aim for 5 to 8 minutes with all your sections added together. Trust us, we did the research. If your customer service training video is any longer than this you run a high risk of losing your audience’s attention.

6. Share.

Get your message to your intended audience – and no one else. You will want a link to embed your videos and a link to share.

Rinse and repeat! Video truly is the best medium for client communication, short of being there in person. Record your customer service training videos easily, efficiently, and securely with Weet video. Best of all, it’s free!lo world!

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