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Hi everyone—
It’s 2023, we need to talk about knowledge sharing.

We believe in the transformative power of knowledge.
We all have a skill, an expertise, a know-how, to share whatever our experience or our job. You certainly face issues every day and you find ways to solve them that are specific to you.
This know-how is gold for others.
You have a specific way of explaining things: your personality, your voice, and your emotions are unique.
We think the old way of sharing knowledge with long online courses and hours of video is dead.
We believe in shorter, more authentic, more personalized content, created on the go and instantly shareable.
At Weet, we want to make available to everyone the ability to capture their skills in video, without being a pro-tech, video specialist, or instructor.

There had to be a better way, so we built it.!

We created a new format, called the Weet that is :

  • short (up to 8 minutes)
  • interactive
  • instantly shareable and editable on the go

Our mission is to offer anyone the fastest and easiest way to capture and share your knowledge.

The use-cases are endless : from customer education and support to employee onboarding and training.

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